• Everything you've done was all for her,
    but that doesn't change who you once were.
    Betrayal lead you to the life of fighting.
    Still, you don't feel anything from killing.

    Every girl craves for your hard and solid body.
    Deep down, all you feel is nothing but lonely.
    Darkness is carved into you like a painting.
    But lust never became a part of your craving.

    How many scars have you endured for years?
    But she's the only one that has brought you to tears.
    Her change made you crave for her virginity.
    You fought the temptations to take her purity.

    The cruelty of the world disgusted you to no end.
    For years, you had to painfully pretend.
    And that ended up making her hurt so bad
    that she wanted to end her life by her own hand.

    You saw her life change before your young eyes.
    You vowed to protect her with hurtful lies.
    A handsome man like you turns out to be a killer.
    But your parents trained you to be a executioner.

    In your life, what is your worst sin?
    Is it that you kill or masturbated to a sweet virgin?
    You pinned her against her door to kiss her hard.
    That only made her try harder to be on guard.

    Love never got past your mind covered with thorn.
    But that's how you were trained since you were born.
    That's why it hurts so much when she passes by.
    It only hurts so much more when you stab her with a lie.

    Childhood friends never last beyond middle school,
    yet you love her unconditionally like a fool.
    You believed that she wouldn't get hurt if you're far.
    You'll never know how many tears she bottled up in a jar.

    Her mind called out for your name continuously.
    What you've done to her damaged her severely.
    Yet, she still loves you even after she changed.
    You're both together now even though a lot was estranged.

    How long will you last with your lover?
    Even though you mean so much to her,
    that still won't heal your broken and dry heart.
    Her love for you keeps it from tearing further apart.