• Lightning surges through the darkest night.
    I hope one day, to never take flight just push me away.
    Push me away from this dark night, leave me trapped scarred and abandoned.
    I can't even explain it away, this storm is impossible to behold. It's not simply a storm it's a cataclysm that will leave me dead or old. I'll try to fight through it, but I'll never make it back. At least I'll give up a fight before I hear that thunders crack. Or maybe I'll be collapsed by an ancient wave that traps. Thoughts of home and family will rescue me. Even through this wretched storm of mine. It is but a storm a storm that is only in the mind. If I ever find a way out of it, I'll surely let you know but even my storm or yours, will never let us go. We all have our demons as corny as it might seem. But you'll never have to be trapped at sea, because even if you are, you can still set your mind free. Free to float through this beautiful sunset cascading, on an oceans beautiful aquatic dream.