• A song beckons my heart and my soul,
    the tears of my homeland stain my soul a gray-black
    as everything burns away in firey ash
    The night sky, once pitch black, is now alive and alight with orange embers
    Everything is burning down now. Why?!

    Let them know, that demons are not to blame
    The fae of the woods smell upon the sweetness of death
    And savor that is wilted by the flame

    While I could hate my past, for all it is
    My homeland is forever burning in my heart
    and I am the fae in the woods, savoring the wilted rose.

    Sing this Celtic song, sweetly, softly,
    forever ring in my heart, and soothes me to sleep
    From life to life, your songs will remain.

    Let us sing "Loo-Lee-Lie-Lay"
    And dye the lovely rose black
    Black as the night, the night the fire shone bright