• The death of Summer
    Brings about new life
    The vibrant colors of Autumn
    Restore my vitality
    In this otherwise grey existence.
    Fingertips gently trailing in the water
    Laying near the picturesque pond
    Listening to the birds call.
    Harken to Autumn's sweet voice
    Discern her beauty from the darkness
    Of Winter.
    The leaves rustling in the wind
    Not living to see another day.
    This is my sanctum.
    The equinox approaches
    So does Death.
    The red of my blood
    Soak the leaves under me
    Restoring life.
    The trees lament
    One death for billions of their kind slaughtered
    They bestow their beauty upon the world
    And we destroy it.
    It's in our nature.
    But am I the only one willing to give up my life
    To make sure they are recognized again?
    Plants and trees let us breathe.
    And in return, we have shown our gratitude
    By chopping them down.
    Their song has made me realize
    That we are not worthy of them.