• I thought you were happy..

    I thought we were fine..

    "You said you love me, but"..

    We're running out of time.

    Friends and family asked where'd you go..

    I said, "The time ran out. It's the end of the show."

    Months go by, not a text nor call,

    Chest tightened, I need to bawl..

    Out my feelings, out my fears

    It cuts, it hurts

    That you're nowhere near

    I had to learn how to accept it..

    I had to learn how to mend it

    You used to be there for me..

    Now you're just a saddened memory

    But thank you for your time.

    It showed me love can be blind

    I need myself the most right now

    Get back on my feet

    Don't worry, I'm gonna shine.