• She had lapses
    Of judgement in
    "brief enough" flickers

    She thought about
    Rodenticide, blood thinners,
    And calculated doses

    She mused that it would
    Be clean but the process
    Would be rather slow

    More factoring her weight
    And the dosage

    Still, she remembered that
    Alternating betwixt waiting for Death
    And wishing to summon her sooner

    Poisoning isn't quick
    The idea would have her doing both
    As she would be laying there

    Bleeding from the inside
    Contemplating precisely
    What led up to those moments

    No, she had only the idea
    But never acted on it, still,
    She had those lapses

    Of judgement
    In "brief enough" flickers
    Where she contemplated

    The calculated dosage
    Of rodenticide.