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Meyaira Firespring

PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:36 pm

Grassy meadows and plains

Large forest with open areas and glades

Large forest village

Here are the different areas which the Hoofed tribe inhabit. This is their territory. Of course, that doesn't mean allies or enemies can't visit.

This is where you can roleplay in the large forest (that one near the human town, but in the area close up against the dark brown mountains), the large forest village, the lush grassy meadows, which the river runs through and the savannah, for a little something warmer.

To indicate which area your characters are in during roleplay, write the name of the area clearly at the top of your post.

Grassy Meadows

*text of your post goes here*  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:27 am
Meyaira Firespring
Mendal snorted softly at Midnight's comment, yet he walked carefully by her side, supporting her with his strong flank. He was glad it wasn't her leg. Darn were-bear was heavy! Glancing at her stomach, he wondered how far along she was, and whether her mate, whoever he was, was back at the science labs.

Riven helped pack up the medical supplies and then trotted alongside Midnight, holding his hands out as to catch her or brace her if she stumbled but otherwise reluctant to touch her.

Bess was more practical, and lightly held Midnight's upper arm, the one that wasn't injured, chatting away while she guided her through the secret path of the woods (which was booby trapped along the way to slow down any monsters that would pursue them).

"I wonder what Kilcarn will say when he sees us" she smirked, leading Midnight down the steep hill.

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:37 am
Large Forest Village

With the group's help Midnight made it to their village with little trouble, only stumbling here and there thanks to overgrown tree roots. She nodded her thanks to Riven as he caught her a few times.

"Who is Kilcarn?" Midnight asked, curiosity getting the better of her as they entered the village.  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:35 pm
Large Forest Village

((“Also, the popular large forest is home to this tribe. It is filled with various open areas and pleasant glades, ancient, mossy trees and all kinds of beautiful birds, flowers and wildlife”))

They had finally come through the winding path, entering the village by way of a passage guarded by hidden sentries. It was almost like something out of the tale ‘Robin Hood’, with all the booby traps and the way the hoofed tribe worked together to keep their village preserved.

Bess smiled at Midnight’s question, her mahogany eyes gleaming brightly.

“He’s the head of our village. I think you’ll like him when you see him~” She explained nonchalantly, sounding as though she knew something she wasn’t telling. “He’s…different to most hoofed tribe members”

She continued to lead Midnight along a path of mossy stones and leaves, by a small pond with a little waterfall tinkling into it. There didn’t seem to be many people around, apart from the occasional one or two out in the garden or carrying a basket of food or supplies.

They entered a deeper area of the forest, filled with peaceful mossy glades and skilfully crafted wooden houses.

Everything was accented with the natural beauty of those who worked with nature, rather than take over it. Flowering fruit vines or creepers grew over most homes, which bore thatched roofs and polished timber and had pots of flowers and herbs growing in front of each yard. It looked like a medieval fantasy village, with a rustic charm and beauty.

Mendal trod alongside them on light and silent hooves, his dappled grey and white coat blending with the greenish half-light that filtered through the thick canopy above. He had moved away from Midnight's side, though he stayed close by. Despite his earlier remarks, he had stayed silent but helpful the rest of the journey.

A large house, bigger than the rest, was coming into view up ahead, and Riven’s ears suddenly perked up. The sheep boy broke away from the others, running towards it with a grin splashed across his face, seeming eager to be back. “Kilcarn, are you home?! Look, we got one! I told you we could. Come and see what we found” he called out, running up to knock on the frame of the open door to the airy building.

Meyaira Firespring

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:13 pm
Large Forest Village

"Father figure to Riven I assume?" Midnight asks upon seeing the boys reaction and eagerness to share his story.

Her uninjured arm cupping her belly, Midnight slowly waddling up the slight slope towards Kilcarn's abode. Her curiosity peaked as Bess told her not only was Kilcarn was their leader, but something about him was... different.

Glancing at the people surrounding her, a sheep-boy, a boar-girl, and a centaur, she wondered how much more different they could get.  
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:35 am
Large Forest Village

Riven's fuzzy ears perked up at the sound of movement within the house. “Kilcarn, is that you?” Beaming, he darted into the hallway, unable to wait until they got to the door. A happy yelp echoed out to the remaining party.

“Uh-huh…sort of” Bess admitted calmly, a smile playing on her mouth. “He does have a father, but…”

“He isn’t around much. Cotton Puff thinks of Kilcarn as more of a big brother.” The centaur cut in quietly. “His own elder brother is trapped in the science compound and his dad has been withdrawn and moody ever since. Has been for the past few years…”

Bess’ cheeks puffed out angrily as she aimed a kick towards her friend’s shin. “Mendal! Don’t tell strangers about things like that! It’s rude…there are lots of reasons people could admire Kilcarn. Even you look up to him - oh”

Her gaze shifted towards the open doorway to the great dwelling as the footsteps of someone trod lightly on the wooden beams and a figure appeared in the doorway, Riven firmly attached to his side in a hug that a limpet would envy, the picture of blissful joy.

“See, see, this is her! I mean, it’s she – she’s a mama bear…” he was chattering incessantly to the one he clung to, waving a pointing hand at the group.

Midnight would see a very tall and shirtless person wearing a skilfully woven tribal cloth tied like a belt over loose pants.

He bore unusually pale skin and long hair that matched the colour of snow, tied back in a loose ponytail. Tribal charms and lightly beaded strings with leaves and carvings adorned his waist, arms and ears, while enormous, soft white wings spread out from his back.

In the centre of his forehead was a translucent, twisted white horn with a sharp tip, overlaid with a pearlescent shimmer.

He looked more like an angelic type or a flying type than a hoofed tribe member, and his eyes and smile were kind.

He brushed several long strands out of his eyes, his light lime green orbs falling on Midnight when he looked towards them, finally noticing her. He looked surprised.

Bess sighed and rolled her eyes. “If it isn’t obvious…Kilcarn is a pegacorn type” she explained, muttering something about knowing how to make an entrance.

Meyaira Firespring

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:54 pm
Large Forest Village

"Good to know... I'd imagine my appearance is in no condition to run into an angel..." Midnight muttered in reply.

Stepping away from her group of rescuers Midnight bowed with some minor difficultly and introduced herself to the Pegacorn.

"Greetings Kilcarn. My name is Midnight. I'm a recent escapee of the science compound, but during my escape I was injured. Your tribe members here, " Midnight said, gesturing to Bess and friends. "...found me, nursed my wounds and helped me to safety."  
PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:51 pm
Large Forest Village

Bess stifled a short laugh at that. “Oh, Kilcarn’s no angel” she whispered back, grinning impishly, “He’s a good person, but everyone has their bad side after all” the last words held a sing song note, hinting Bess knew some about that side of their leader.

Kilcarn returned her gesture with a serene nod and a half bow, his wings flexing gently as they caught a soft forest breeze.

“Then they have done as I have asked. You are welcome to the hoofed tribe’s village, please stay here as long as you require. If there is anything you need from my clan, do not be afraid to ask. We will do all we can to assist you. As well as help you to find your aligned kin or destination”

He spoke with a friendly tone yet there was clear meaning behind the words that she was not to stay here permanently, just as a guest. But they were more than happy to let her stay until she was ready to leave. For instance, after she had her cubs or was healed and given supplies.

He stood up straighter (trying to ignore the addition of the sheep boy to his side) and shifted his attention to his tribe-kin standing a short way behind Midnight “Well done all of you. Every one taken from the compound adds another to our ranks, even if they are not one of our tribe. Please continue to work hard and remember to treat others with the same respect and kindness that you have today and to always show the same level of courage and determination”

So saying, he glanced towards the boar girl. “I know you must all be tired but I must ask Bess; please take Midnight to the bathing springs where she can wash and provide her with adequate clothing. The rest of you may go.”

Bess suppressed a groan by biting her lip "Sure. No problem" she replied wearily.

Kilcarn's green eyes looked back at Midnight again “My lady if it would not be too much to ask, I would wish to speak with you after you have eaten and rested. For now, I must attend to some matters. I will return around evening> You have my gratitude for not attacking my tribe members” he smiled.

Mendal's tail swished as he listened calmly. "As you wish, Sir. Come, Riven. Gather your manners and let's go" Mendal nodded and beckoned to the sheep boy to cut it out and follow him. "We need to report back to Aidenna Forsyth or she will not be happy"

Meyaira Firespring

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:35 pm
Large Forest Village

"Of course." she replied with curt bow before they parted company.

Following Bess as the boar-girl guided her towards the tribe's bathing springs, Midnight's curiosity got the better of her. "Who is Aidenna Forsyth?" she asked.  
PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2012 4:31 pm
Large Forest Village

Bess exhaled slowly as they wound through the trees towards the bathing springs, looking up at the canopy of deep viridian above.

“Aidenna works for Kilcarn. She’s one of his four hooves that support the main body…like, hmm…how you have the president right at the top, and then you have the vice president, the treasurer, and so on, but in this case, it’s the village Elder, then the First, Second, Third and Fourth” she explained, waving a finger in the air while she talked.

“Sorry, that’s probably a crappy analogy” she cringed at her words and chuckled awkwardly. “She’s the person to go to if you’re looking for some work around here. She normally gives you missions to match your current talents and skill level"

The sounds of burbling water had been growing as they neared the springs and bright flowers and moss lined the path in abundance. Bess’ steps led them down a wending track with a small brook trickling in a cleft alongside, edged by a lopsided skeleton fence made of thin limbs. She halted outside what appeared to be a refreshingly rustic wooden gate topped with a small roof. The gate had an entrance either side. "Okay, the right is always the women's entrance, there's a small bath house inside where you can get changed and shower, but the main baths are outside...don't worry,, ladies only. There's a fence and trees that separates the two baths" she explained, leading the way in. Bess was a friendly girl, although she could be headstrong and very opinionated at times.  

Meyaira Firespring

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 10:29 am
Large Forest Village

"While not the best analogy, it made sense in a way. Thank you for appeasing my curiosity." Midnight returned, following Bess into the ladies half of the bath house.

"Care to join me?" Midnight asks, wading into the water of the hot spring bath. Wearing only a leather loin cloth and harness Midnight didn't bother to strip down, the clothes needed a good wash as much as she did. "I'm sure unwinding your muscles in the bath would help you as much as it will for me..."  
PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 10:57 pm
((Working on reply post.

Hey Viper, when do you want me to bring her mate into the story? cat_smile ))  

Meyaira Firespring

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 12:19 pm
((Working on reply post.

Hey Viper, when do you want me to bring her mate into the story? cat_smile ))

((I think MorningPanda lost interest in gaia so we can use his character whenever we want. I wasn't sure how to fit him into this story so I assumed Midnight would just go all lone wolf for a bit.

Hes a were-creature like Midnight, except hes a were-panda, don't ask me where we came up with that idea xD))  
PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 6:58 pm
((Ahaha! Sounds cool. Okay then, I'll read over his profile again and think of where to bring him in))

Bess gave a small nod and a sound of acknowledgement at Midnight’s reply, walking further into the bath house before removing her clothes and placing them in a little cubby in the wall. She then went to another area and set about washing her body with some sweetly scented powder that smelled of crushed berries before she rinsed the froth away with a tub of tepid water drawn from a little pool under a pump.

“You’re so right… I’ll be out in a second” Bess groaned, massaging a tightened shoulder and neck muscle which always played up ever since an injury she received once on a mission.

The boar girl grabbed a soft pink towel and wrapped it around her body, following Midnight into the pool she had chosen.

Bess sank into the soothing mineral water with a happy sigh, her hair fanning out around her in a mahogany swathe as she let her eyes drink in the surrounds. “Mm…it’s so relaxing. I love these baths~!” she sighed again softly before turning to focus on her companion.

“Hey, the water’s not too hot for you, is it? I mean, for your baby.” she asked, sounding concerned. Fortunately, Midnight had chosen one of the gentler springs. Mentioning the baby got Bess wondering, and she trailed a hand in the water, thinking of how to ask her questions.  

Meyaira Firespring

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 11:25 am
Large Forest Village

"No, no, no... this is great..." Midnight replied, already chest deep in the soothing embrace of the hot spring.

With some effort and the help of a nearby wall, Midnight was able to float on her back, her pregnant belly jutting out of the water like a newly formed island.

"If anything, hopefully it will put them to sleep..."  
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