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Homestuck inspired troll related b/c 

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:33 am
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User Image

Settled away from the center of the hubbub, this particular booth can be found by the aroma of fine food and pollen. It boasts an array of snacks that undoubtedly draws traffic for trolls' insatiable appetites, though to anyone with allergies, this place is like a nightmare. There's a fine dusting of pollen on the tablecloth, the banner, the vendor. It's ridiculous.

The booth boasts an array of prizes, the table overflowing with jars of honey and an array of trinkets. If the rest of this mess wasn't enough to draw attention though, the giant lusus that seems to be helping to man the booth definitely is. Whose running this mess?

As it so happens, a nervous looking yellowblood is running this mess. He's just behind the table, looking like he's trying to hide from his customers while at the same time trying to keep an eye on everything. His stutter stands out, but he seems willing to explain the games to anyone that comes by, whether of their own accord or ushered up by a giant fluffy buzzbeast.

Finally in a shirt and trunks, the vendor seems to be bustling busily keeping everything in order with the overstock blowout! His paint is smuding a bit and is sure to stain his shirt later, but he's certainly festive!

If you pay close attention, sometimes you'll notice a redblood flitting around the back of the stall amongst the extra stock of wares or petting the buzzbeast. Who is that?

Whoa! Looks like the vendor overstocked on a lot of wares and is handing them out willy nilly now! Now is definitely the time if you've been eyeing anything!

  • Introduction
  • Hive Draw
  • Honey Tasting
  • Bee Happy
  • Plushie Raffle
  • Prizes
  • Reserved

  • Please do not delete any posts! If a mistake was made, just void the post and try again!
  • You may only roll for each activity once per day per troll to gain IC prizes. You may only be entered for the raffle ticket once per day though, nomatter how many of your trolls stop by and play.
  • Make sure to read all the instructions about a game before playing! There's nothing too complicated, but making sure you know what's going on before posting helps avoid confusion on both our parts.
  • You must fill out your post to be eligible for tickets at rollover! A sentence minimum of RP is required, so it's not too hard, but hey, more would be pretty cool. More RP is more fun, right?
  • Any roll results are a stock example of what happened. Feel free to embellish or make your own twist to the prompt. Just remember that if you rolled a bad roll, keep your response in line with the fact your troll didn't have a great time.

Rollover is at 2:00am EST each day, whether I'm here to officially post or not. Make sure to get your post for the day in and filled before that! If your post is not filled, it won't be considered, and if you post after 2:00am, it will count towards the next day.

I will try and distribute tickets and update the front page ASAP once rollover hits.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to pm me or ping me in the discord chat!
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:00 pm
User Image

User Image

Whoa! Looks like the vendor overstocked on a lot of wares and is handing them out willy nilly now! Now is definitely the time if you've been eyeing anything!

A simple luck of the draw game is laid out on the table. There are numbers printed on the bottom of the little plastic buzzbeats apparently, and that decides your prize. Let's hope you win big! Players roll a d100 to find out the number they drew. This game may be played once per troll per day. If you use multiple trolls, they can keep the IC prizes, but you will only entered to win the raffle ticket once.

  • Even number: You get some honey! The cornerstone product the booth boasts and you're allowed to walk away with either a big or small jar of the regular stock of spring, summer, or fall honey, whichever suits your fancy.

  • 1: You lucky bug! The vendor gives you a nervous smile and his big lusus is chittering happily. Nictor tells you you can pick from any of the prizes available for the game. Score!

  • 2-20: You get a jar of bite-sized crumbled bee bread! It's a healthy snack that can be eaten alone or as a garnish on other foods. Apparently it'll help you grow up healthy and strong. You side eye the vendor on that one, but decide to take his word for it.

  • 21-40: You get to pick from some buzzbeast trinkets! You can take a keychain, a necklace, or a bracelet.

  • 41-60: You get to pick up a nifty journal! It has a nice flower pattern on the front a few different colors to choose from.

  • 61-80: You get a pressed and laminated flower! A pleasant bit of wall or desk decor for any hive or office.

  • 81-99: You get a beeswax candle! You can pick one with with flowers carved on it or one shaped like the fluffy buzzbeast that works here. Said buzzbeast seems to be eagerly eyeing your choice.

  • 100: You lucky bug! The vendor gives you a nervous smile and his big lusus is chittering happily. Nictor tells you you can pick from any of the prizes available for the game. Score!




PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:07 pm
User Image

User Image

Whoa! Looks like the vendor overstocked on a lot of wares and is handing them out willy nilly now! Now is definitely the time if you've been eyeing anything!

You see a smorgasbord of all sorts of snacks set out on the table. There's crackers and bread, pieces of fruit and nuts, yogurt and butter, and plenty of cheese! The centerpiece is a big jar of honey with a spoon to drizzle onto snack with. Small plates and plastic utensils are set out for trolls to use as they lay into the spread.

Welcome to the honey tasting party! Today, all the specialty honeys are up for grabs! Seems like not enough jars got taken during the week and the vendor brought way too much! There are jars of each open for you to try and the food spread has expanded to another table that was set up to make enough space. Now you can get snacks with little to no thread of losing your plate due to other unruly festival goes, and with the hoeny literally everywhere, how can you forget? You're still only allowed to visit the snack spread once a day though.

Honeys of the Day: User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Blueberry Honey - Buckwheat Honey - Orange Blossom Honey - Sage Honey - Chestnut Honey - Clover Honey - Desert Wildflower Honey

There's so much honey on the table! The placecard descriptions of each have gotten lost it seems, but if you want, you can always ask the vendor to tell you about it!
Nictor's Recommendation: We have way too many snacks and jars that i can't take it all back, so have a good time, get some honey, and eat up.

Roll a d20 to find out how your honey tasting experience goes!

  • 1-4: What a spread! You eagerly make up your plate of snacks and drizzle it in honey. Everything is great and you're gonna get some honey after! Except... seems like some of those cheeses were a bit too strong, or maybe it was the amount of butter you just ate. Your stomach is turning and just looking at food makes you feel gross right now. You decide the honey isn't worth it right now and cut your losses for the day. No honey, sorry!

  • 5-8: You decide on plate of mild cheeses, crackers, and some dried fruit. It's a tasteful array and you give it all a nice helping of the honey nearby. It's a sweet and fruity flavor you're treated to, and you find it compliments the summer weather well. You tasted Blueberry Honey or Orange Blossom Honey. Feel free to take a jar!

  • 9-12: Hard and strong cheeses, warm bread, and a side of yogurt is what you're after today! Maybe a fresh strawberry to top it off. And the honey, don't forget that honey! It's a unique flavor that graces your tastebuds, one you're curious to try out again. You tasted Buckwheat Honey, Sage Honey, or Chestnut Honey. Feel free to take a jar!

  • 13-16: After considering the spread carefully, you wing it and decide you'll love what you get anyway. You're hankering for bread and cheese and fruit. For that eclectic spread, you choose on of the more standard honeys that tend to pair well with most things. You tasted Clover Honey or Desert Wildflower Honey. Feel free to take a jar!

  • 17-20: The optimal tasting experience! You carefully craft your plate, taking care to pair your snacks and honey up just right after talking to the vendor! Absolutely delicious. You may grab a specialty honey of your choosing!

As you collect your food, you see the vendor snacking on his own plate and rummaging through wares. Taking a chance, you decide to engage the nervous looking yellowblood for come conversation! If you want to start up some interaction with Nictor, ask a question, or just heckle the guy, be sure to quote me in your roll post. If you want to start a prp based off of booth interactions with Nictor or Beehemoth, pm me and we can get something set up!
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:13 pm
User Image

User Image

Whoa! With all the stock being broken out, looks like the buzzbeast has been bribed to give great rides to any takers, even if you yank his fluff out.

Over by the sign that says free rides, the big buzzbeast has parked itself. Sometimes you see a redblood come up to pat the buzzbeast or say something to him, but she seems to largely hang out in the back out of sight.

Seems like the rides are open to anyone and you kinda really wanna sink your hands into that thick fluff to see how soft it is. A sign is posted telling you to be courteous and have fun. Behemoth is resting at ground level with a low and high stool next to him for trolls to use to get on. Might as well, right?

Roll a 1d20 to find out how your trip goes!

  • 1-4: Maybe you poked Beehemoth in the eye, maybe you had a mean laugh at his little grub (the vendor), or maybe you were just a huge hassle when climbing on his back. Either way, you've wronged the beast but he, reluctantly, gives you an okay ride anyway. Nothing extravagant, but nothing so terrible as trying to toss you into the volleyball court from 70 feet in the air. You land without too much hassle and Bee watches you go. No prize for you!

  • 5-8: You climb on and try to get settled, but the buzzbeast takes off before you're really ready. Seems he's still a little too eager but he quickly corrects himself, giving you a long and lazy glide over the festival. It's a pretty good time Beehemoth seems to have had a good time with you! The buzzbeast gives you a keychain!

  • 9-12: You approach casually and greet the buzzbeast with a good attitude. He waits patiently for you to settle, and when you do, off you go! It's a fun ride with some tricks, but nothing too crazy. The wind feels nice and you're sad when the ride ends, but it couldn't last forever. At least you had a good time! The buzzbeast gives you a keychain or a necklace.

  • 13-16: Before getting on, you greet the buzzbeast and tell him what kind of ride you'd like. You can't help but compliment Beehemoth's fluff when you get on and you have to resist rubbing your face against it. You take off smoothly and laugh as you feel the wind play with your hair. As you get off, you're laughing heartily and Beehemoth seems rather delighted with the whole thing. The buzzbeast gives you a keychain, a necklace, or a bracelet!

  • 17-20: You came for a ride but this buzzbeast is so fluffyand soft! You can't help but give him a big old hug in your excitements and spend some time running your fingers through the wonderful coat. You eventually get on and take a fantastic ride, laying on the fluffy while cloud that is Beehemoth. you leave the buzzbeast with some great memories after he gives you a jar of bee bread and a keychain, a necklace, or a bracelet!



PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:18 pm
User Image

User Image

One of the signs boasts a plushie raffle, but the prize isn't displayed on the counter. When you ask about it, Nictor pulls out a plush the size of kid. You have to have it. Apparently, you get entered for it automatically by simply coming by the booth and participating.

This is a Beehemoth Plush raffle! It's the size of a child troll and lined with his fluff, making it ridiculously soft and lovable.

And there's that redblood again, lurking around the back, staring about trolls. And wait, is she carrying around a Beehemoth plush of her own? Eugh, lucky.

You're entered once per day from each activity, allowing you to get up to three plushie raffle tickets per day per person, not per troll. Whichever of your trolls participates in each activity first will receive your tickets for the day.

If you'd like to opt out, just pm me and I'll take you off the list!
((I am very behind on this list but I'll get it fully updated by the time Bloodfest is over))

Plushie Raffle Ticket List:

  1. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  2. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  3. Eridia - ImaginationsParadise
  4. Eridia - ImaginationsParadise
  5. Zeylla - stringency
  6. Zeylla - stringency
  7. Zeylla - stringency
  8. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  9. Apibom - nepsah
  10. Apibom - nepsah
  11. Apibom - nepsah
  12. Caiden - Micillia
  13. Caiden - Micillia
  14. Zeylla - stringency
  15. Zeylla - stringency
  16. Zeylla - stringency
  17. Apibom - nepsah
  18. Apibom - nepsah
  19. Apibom - nepsah
  20. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  21. Tzofia - KitsuneAura
  22. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  23. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  24. Kerras - Green Minuet
  25. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  26. Zeylla - stringency
  27. Zeylla - stringency
  28. Zeylla - stringency
  29. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  30. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  31. Tzofia - KitsuneAura
  32. Apibom - nepsah
  33. Apibom - nepsah
  34. Calida - saihen
  35. Apibom - nepsah
  36. Calida - saihen
  37. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  38. Fellah - Unaru
  39. Dairah - Sami-Fire
  40. Kerras - Green Minuet
  41. Kerras - Green Minuet
  42. Dairah - Sami-Fire
  43. Dairah - Sami-Fire
  44. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  45. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  46. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  47. Apibom - nepsah
  48. Apibom - nepsah
  49. Apibom - nepsah
  50. Kaldru - quiet delegation
  51. Kaldru - quiet delegation
  52. Static - Micillia
  53. Static - Micillia
  54. Static - Micillia
  55. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  56. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  57. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  58. Tzofia - KitsuneAura
  59. Tzofia - KitsuneAura
  60. Tzofia - KitsuneAura
  61. Reemus - Gl!tch~
  62. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  63. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  64. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  65. Zeylla - stringency
  66. Zeylla - stringency
  67. Zeylla - stringency
  68. Apibom - nepsah
  69. Apibom - nepsah
  70. Apibom - nepsah
  71. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  72. Eridia - ImaginationsParadise
  73. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  74. Natash - purplerosebeauty
  75. Punkie - Micillia
  76. Punkie - Micillia
  77. Punkie - Micillia
  78. Calida - saihen
  79. Calida - saihen
  80. Leeroi - Kimbley Kitty
  81. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  82. Reemus - Gl!tch~
  83. Leeroi - Kimbley Kitty
  84. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  85. Apibom - nepsah
  86. Apibom - nepsah
  87. Apibom - nepsah
  88. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  89. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  90. Sephos - DraconicFeline
  91. Scorpa - Doutei
  92. Akkira - saihen
  93. Static - Micillia
  94. Static - Micillia
  95. Kaldru - quiet delegation
  96. Kaldru - quiet delegation
  97. Apibom - nepsah
  98. Apibom - nepsah
  99. Apibom - nepsah
  100. Static - Micillia
  101. Static - Micillia
  102. Apibom - nepsah
  103. Apibom - nepsah
  104. Apibom - nepsah
  105. Sephos - DraconicFeline
  106. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  107. Psykgi - DraconicFeline
  108. Static - Micillia
  109. Static - Micillia
  110. Wallas - Sami-Fire
  111. Wallas - Sami-Fire
  112. Wallas - Sami-Fire
  113. Mahmud - Skyli Peep
  114. Mahmud - Skyli Peep
  115. Mahmud - Skyli Peep
  116. Apibom - nepsah
  117. Apibom - nepsah
  118. Apibom - nepsah
  119. Sephos - DraconicFeline
  120. Sephos - DraconicFeline
  121. Dillys - Hobo Pixi
  122. Hemera - Gl!tch~
  123. Dillys - Hobo Pixi
  124. Dillys - Hobo Pixi
  125. Stryke - leon_a_darkangel
  126. Static - Micillia
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:36 pm
User Image

The best part of the stall. Here you see the spread of items available through the activities at the booth, and what a spread there is!

That redblood sneaks back into line of sight to say something to the yellowblood vendor and she is decked out in the bee jewelry like a walking advertisement.

Bloodfest Raffle Ticket
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
The mysterious but coveted ticket prize!
1 ticket goes to the highest roll in Hive Draw.
1 ticket goes to the highest roll from Honey Tasting.
1 ticket goes to the highest roll in Bee Happy.
In the case of any ties, I will roll between the tied parties.

User Image
It's Nictor's business card! It's simple, but it has his contact information. If you're interested in purchasing from him in the future, make sure to grab one!

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
A free treat available to anyone that stops by the booth! There's a stock of spring, summer, and fall honeysticks. You can only take one a day though!

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
These jars are filled with the normal batches of honey that Beehemoth makes, the lightest being a spring blend, the middle being a summer blend, and the darkest being a fall blend. A delightful sweetener for teas, snacks, and cooking.

User Image
It's a jar full of what is apparently called bee bread. This crumbled mixture is made from plant pollen, nectar, and good old buzzbeast magic. The yellowblood you got it from swears by the stuff. Health benefits or not, it makes a decent snack and a good garnish for other treats.

User Image
A little keychain with a buzzbeast charm. How charming!

User Image
A silver necklace with a buzzbeast charm. A wonderful compliment for black and yellow themed outfits.

User Image
A bracelet with a silver charm and colored beads. It seems that the booth is even offering to customize it for you!

Quote Taki-di with up to three colors (hex codes if you want specific shades) and remind me that you're getting a bracelet and I'll get it to you soon!

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
A high quality journal with an elegant and unobtrusive flower pattern on the front. Good for keeping notes, field studies, or maybe keeping track of your Bloodfest adventures. It comes in a few different color combinations to pick from.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Ooh, laminated flowers, how pretty! And it's preserved so it'll never lose that color! Be careful not to bend or crease the paper though. You have a few colors to pick from but you can get a custom colored ribbon!

Quote Taki-di with one color (hex code if you want a specific shade) and tell me which color flowers you're getting and I'll get it to you soon!

User ImageUser Image
Beeswax candles made from melted down wax that Nictor gathered when cleaning up Bee's hive. The soft yellow is nice too look at and apparently, because of the wax, it'll help clean the air when it burns. You can take either a flower patterned one or a buzzbeast one.



PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:37 pm
User Image
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:01 pm
Open for business!  


Gl!tch~ rolled 1 100-sided dice: 54 Total: 54 (1-100)


Fashionable Genius

3,275 Points
  • Full closet 200
  • Signature Look 250
  • Hygienic 200
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:10 am
Hemera was ready for the summer festivities. In a dress-swim suit, laced sandals, tinted glasses and a sunhat to top it off, she was embracing the weather. No booth for her this sweep, but that was fine. She needed a break.

The booths all around, though, were already impressive. Especially this one. Very yellow, bee-themed, and with a familiar-looking lusus. Could it be who she thought...? As she approached, she caught sight of Nictor. The nervous boy was running a booth! The tealblood as so proud. But she would keep it cool. She didn't want to spook him.

First she took her time at the game. A random prize draw. How adorable. She picked one, looked at the number, and the corresponding prize. A journal. A lovely one, at that. She picked up a journal and observed the other prizes before flagging Nictor down. "This is a lovely booth, Nictor. I'm so impressed. Did you make all of this yourself?"

Gl!tch~ rolled 1 20-sided dice: 10 Total: 10 (1-20)
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:11 am
In the meantime, she would also try some honey. There were so many snacks, too. She started trying them, and the deliciousness quickly distracted her from the honey. Before she could remember to sample properly, something else caught her eye. Another troll at the booth. Someone she had been wondering about. "Kolako?" she couldn't help but ask aloud as she noticed the younger teen.

quite uneventful


Fashionable Genius

3,275 Points
  • Full closet 200
  • Signature Look 250
  • Hygienic 200
ImaginationsParadise rolled 1 100-sided dice: 69 Total: 69 (1-100)


Extragalactic Star

18,250 Points
  • Romantic Fortune Seeker 100
  • That One Hero 500
  • Are You Jelly? 500
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:14 pm
61-85: You get a pressed and laminated flower! A pleasant bit of wall or desk decor for any hive or office.

So Eridia was out on the prowl, searching for fun and looking at trolls behind her shades. Summer time was so nice, more when she went out to the beach in search for eye candy. So. When she approached Nictor's booth, that's when she whistled. Oh how lovely this lowblood was, Eridia liked what she saw.

The highblood casually looked around, trying not to be so obvious that she was paying more attention to him than to the games and picked up a tiny plastic bee as she kept on watching. Nice, nice, very nice. Hopefully she could and him in the water and--

"Oh!" She exclaimed, once she noticed she had won a laminated flower! How lovely!  
ImaginationsParadise rolled 1 20-sided dice: 1 Total: 1 (1-20)
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:16 pm
1-5: You get your plate of goodies together, but just before you can dig in, you get jostled away from the snacks and your food drops. Now your snack is smeared on the ground. For a brief second, you consider starting a problem with the trolls that pushed you and spend an even briefer second considering eating the food anyway. Deciding it's not worth it, you move on to a different game.

Eridia resumed trying to catch a glimpse of Nictor's muscles as she gathered sweet goods together. She noted that she just HAD to talk to him, just too see how things played out. No compromises though, just fooling around. Just as she finished, someone bumped against her, making the highblood drop EVERYTHING.

Eridia looked down at the food, then at the troll in question and slapped them. "Watch where you are going! Are you BLIND?" She shouted and stormed off. How dare them come between her and sweets!  


Extragalactic Star

18,250 Points
  • Romantic Fortune Seeker 100
  • That One Hero 500
  • Are You Jelly? 500
stringency rolled 1 100-sided dice: 76 Total: 76 (1-100)


Sexy Goat

PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:02 pm

As she drifted from the center of the booths, a sweet, delectable smell tickled her sniffernodes, and she instantly scouted out the source of such fine smells. Her eyes landed on a giant fuzzy buzzbeast and the a charming booth lined with delicious looking jars of what appeared to be honey.

Zeylla didn't have to think twice about making a bee-line(what pun) after she registered what treats would await her. After having a tasty cupcake at Calida's booth, her craving for sweets was in full drive. The buzz(no pun intended, because Zeylla doesn't do puns) of the crowds energy didn't help either; upping the hemoanon's pump thumps and making her just a little more hungry then she usually was. Also, how often would she get to taste delicious honey, seeing as she rarely sought out delicacies on her own time-when she had it.

As she got closer, she noted easily that the troll running the booth, a yellowblood, looked far from comfortable to be there. Zeylla gave the treats on the counter a second look and decided an awkward moment with a evidently very nervous troll would be worth tasting something wonderful. So she stepped up and eyed the wares.

The first thing that drew her was the grouping of mini buzzbeast figurines, and for a moment she thought to ask the yellowblood to explain, just for the sake of it. But she glanced up at him, and decided perhaps she didn't need help with this.

Zeylla plucked a bee from the group, and eyed the number on the bottom. Okay, yeah she had no clue what this meant now. So she looked again at the yellowblood and then shot her hand out and offered him the bee without a word, her eyes already turning to look at the other things on the table.

Like that delicious looking honey and a variety of small snacks. Obviously she was meant to try this treat, and she let the yellowblood take the bee from her, already focused on the next thing...  
stringency rolled 1 20-sided dice: 3 Total: 3 (1-20)
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:03 pm

...The smorgasbord of delicacies before her was momentarily overwhelming, but not so much that Zeylla found herself eager to talk to the vendor yet, though as she glanced up at him again she noticed a redblood peeking from behind him in the booth area, and was she watching her? Zeylla's brows furrowed for a second, but she couldn't be distracted from the treats before her for long.

But the more she stared the more she realized she had no clue what was good with what. She felt her gut clench, glancing again at the vendor, before she noted the little sign next to the jar of honey. Recommendations, her life saver. Zeylla gave the yellowblood another look, but this time it was almost a look of 'Good job' because having a little card out to explain things was efficient and very useful for trolls of less sociable nature, like Zeylla.

She decided to go with some soft cheese and a rice cracker, and drizzled a fair amount of the honey on her treat, and as she finished eyeing her creation in pleasure, and just before she could pop it into her mouth, a troll bumped her.

Zeylla watched in slow motion as her treat fell to the ground, her hand out stretched to catch nothing but air, and land with a splat cheese and honey side down on the dirty ground.

Anger bubbled in the greyblood, but the perp was already gone, and she had no where to displace her frustration, so she just sighed and stared forlornly at the little sad treat, before grabbing one of the free honey sticks offered(at least she could have some kind of honey) and wandering to the last activity offered at this booth, totally forgetting to get whatever prize she had won at the buzzbeast draw in her momentary disappointment...  


Sexy Goat

stringency rolled 1 20-sided dice: 1 Total: 1 (1-20)


Sexy Goat

PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:04 pm

...The last activity, it seemed, was a ride on the giant lusus she had noticed when she first saw the booth. Zeylla found herself uncertain about the whole situation. It felt like something for kids, but she was already standing there, looking like she was interested, so there was no going back.

At least the beast looked soft, she thought as she stepped closer and up onto the stool. She took a moment to touch the fur of the buzzbeast, and was pleased with the cloud like feel, cool against the palm of her hand. And then she happened to glance over, and just as she did, her eyes landed on the yellowblooded vendor as he uncermoniously tripped, flailed and then went head first into a crate that she assumed held more jars of that honey(which she didn't get to try).

Perhaps if she hadn't lost her snack, Zeylla wouldn't have laughed. But one sharp bark of laughter broke from her lips as the situation went down(why, puns) before her. She managed to reel in her laughter after the first laugh though, but was too busy holding it in to notice the buzzing of the beast beside her shift and take on a heavier tone.

She clambered aboard and--
The air, it suddenly was whipping her face, and Zeylla barely had time to clutch the fur of the beast as it flew like mad through the air. Up, down, left, right, sharp turn, a dip, a speedy incline, all the directions that lusus could go, it did. The greyblood was certain she was going to fly off, her palms clamming up as she held on for dear life, and her attempts to yell "STOP! LET ME OFF!" fell on deaf ears or were stolen by the air racing past her.

And then suddenly it was done, the beast landed, and Zeylla slid off and thumped to the ground in a moment of dizziness. Perhaps it was good she hadn't had that treat. She struggled to her feet, glared at the buzzbeast, who was now humming much more cheerily as it waited for the next rider, and stalked off. This booth had not turned out so well, she thought as she started to stalk away, before remembering she forgot her prize from the figurine draw!

Zeylla turned around, determined to make one part of this interaction pleasant at least, and stalked back to the booth.

"I forgot my prize," she was rather blunt, wasn't she? Zeylla wasted no time getting to it as she came back up to the vendor, though her eyes again shifted to the redblood that was again staring in her direction(or was it her direction? Zeylla wanted to glance around but chose not to give the other troll the pleasure of knowing she was uncertain). She instead she stared back at the yellowblood, and waited expectantly for whatever prize she was supposed to have won. Maybe it would be something edible.

i may have gotten excited about this booth :U
Historical & Archived Events

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