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[prp] tea and questions (nasir&nazriya)

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:39 pm
The Charter rewrite had brought a lot of questions for Nazriya. A lot of questions. Not least of which were 'I'm magic, what the hell' closely followed by 'these people I know are also magic, what the hell' - the whole thing had been kind of a blur for her, too shocked by the apparent reality of things told and things happening. Also, she had no clue what'd been going on most of the time; the cliff-notes version from Shiloh was nice, but probably not as in-depth as it could've been.

But she'd spied a lot of familiar faces there, people she'd interacted with and people she'd seen around town. Like Nasir, who had most definitely not shared his magicness with her before, although she couldn't really fault him for that considering the attitude of people in general towards it. Okay, she could fault him a little bit, but not a lot. He was too sweet to be properly mad at, anyway.

So she had in her most not-mad tone written to invite him over to talk about, well, things - like magic, and charters, and how he'd even gotten involved in all of this stuff.

Her two bedroom apartment was clean and tidy thanks to a fit of anxious restlessness, Fiene lounging happily on the couch - thank god she'd moved out of her aunt's house, the coming conversation would've been hell to explain.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:57 pm
Nasir had kind of expected Nazriya to get a hold of him eventually about this particular subject - especially once she had learned about all the magic that was going on.

The Charter destruction and subsequent renewal was kind of a big deal and one hell of a crash course for most to take part of.

With a scarf on, terribly out of season but cool all the same, he was knocking on her apartment door. Nasir fidgeted with a hair clip and then adjusted the strap of his messenger bag a moment later. There was always a low level of unease with him now but that had more to do with what he had become courtesy of the magic than anything else.

... and more to do with the fact that he could feel more than ever.



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