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A Dragonriders of Pern B/C RP 

Tags: Pern, Dragons, Dragonriders, Role-Play, Fantasy 

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Loved Darling

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:53 pm
Name: Iathe
Age: 16 Turns
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Craft: None
Rank: N/A
Location: High Reaches
Physical Description: A tall, slim woman who lacks curves, Iathe has never much cared about her appearance in terms of desirability to others. Her hair is blonde and always braided to stay out of her face. She could be quite pretty, but her eyes are usually narrowed, and she's learned to pull off a remarkably ugly sneer.

Personality: Mild, meek, and gentle are words that could never be used to describe Iathe. She is a force to be reckoned with, demanding respect and offering it only if she deems a person worthy of receiving it. This has landed her in heaps of trouble before, because no Candidate should ever mouth off to a dragonrider/person of higher standing, even if they're lazy and shirking in their duties. She's ended up with harsh punishments before as a result of it, and though Iathe has carried them out without complaint, she has been stubbornly unapologetic. Her assertive nature means that she will undoubtedly continue ruffle feathers, but Iathe cares little about the opinions of others. What she believes in is working hard, and bettering herself. She firmly believes that others should do the same.

Iathe is not good about soothing bruised feelings or offering comfort, and will often be quite curt if someone comes to her looking for a shoulder to cry on. Are you physically fit and able to carry on? Then quit your whining and get on with it! And Faranth help you if you've made a foolish mistake, because Iathe will not hesitate to give you a verbal tongue-lashing that you won't soon forget. This harshness and her ferocious temper does little to help her reputation, but again, that's something Iathe couldn't give two figs about.

Should someone come seeking advice or her opinion, she will not hesitate to say exactly what she means, regardless of if she likes you or not. Honesty is the best policy to her, and the thought of telling lies in order to spare someone's feelings is frankly baffling. Why ask her opinion at all if you wanted her to shower you in sweet falsehoods?

Despite her sharp edges and biting words, Iathe truly wants to be someone useful. With the return of thread, the world needs leaders and people they can trust. She aspires to be one of those people, even if she has to shove through the masses to make it happen. If she doesn't, how can she guarantee that someone else will? She refuses to sit and wait for someone else to step up to the plate--not when she thinks she has it in her to do right by her Weyr and the people of Pern.

Positive Trait List Assertive, hard working, honest
Negative Trait List Harsh, quick-tempered, uncompromising

History: Iathe was the product of a dragonflight, and grew up as one of many Weyrbrats around High Reaches. Even as a child, she was a forceful thing, and often used her fists to put older, larger children in their place if they thought they could bully her around. She certainly got into enough trouble due to this stubbornness, but the girl was a hard worker and threw herself headlong into chores despite her combative nature.

As she grew older, it was only natural that she would become a Candidate, though she has not had success in finding her dragon partner so far. Discouraging? Absolutely. But Iathe knows she's young yet, and she can be patient. The first threadfall after so long and the loss of so many lives scared her to death, but made her furious more than anything. How long had High Reaches prepared for its return, only to be mocked and looked down upon? She is fiercely loyal to her Weyr's traditions and is resentful of dragonriders who instead chose to abandon the weyrs and, in her mind, their duty to Pern.

Other: Panth cheers her on in spirit!

Candidate Specific Questions
Do you want them to have an official Search RP? Nah!
Do you understand they will age every passing year regardless if you're there to RP the or not? Yes!
Do you want them to have a possible Stands Impression? If she ages out, absolutely!  
PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:02 pm


Mx Cherie

Dashing Demigod

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