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The final chapter in the Persona 4, FES, and Golden - RP Guild Trilogy! No prior knowledge necessary! 

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*~::Soma's Robin Hood Roulette!::~* [Dec. 18 - Day 5]

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Arena Emperor

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:29 pm
* ~ Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Game ~ *
(Persona 4:FES - The Golden Presents...The 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!!)

User Image

"Welcome, one and all! Illa Phasmas are back with your 5th Day of our Phantom Thief Christmas Celebration, and I think it's time to talk about presents..."User Image

"Finally!"User Image

User Image"But wasn't the first day all about presents?"

"She has a point, Soma..."User Image

User Image"It's not like you to forget."

"You're right, of course...but today's presents are a little different. And that's because today's Gift Giveaway comes with a style very appropriate for Phantom Thieves like us..."User Image

"Wait, are you planning to steal someone's heart and give it to someone for Christmas?!"User Image

User Image"Somehow I doubt that..."

User Image"I can't say I would approve of using our powers in such a manner."

User Image"I really don't think that's what he's planning..."

"Maybe we should let him finish...?"User Image

"Let him finish stealing somebody's heart for Christmas?! Hell no!"User Image

User Image"No, there's no way I would approve of such a thing."

User Image"Neither would I...if that's what he were planning, which I really doubt, you guys..."

"Listen, already! Trust Soma, and hear what he has to say, all right? Sheesh, you guys are hopeless... *half-smile*"User Image

"Thank you. But of course, I have no intention of stealing someone's heart for Christmas...without permission, of course. *tosses a roguish wink at Hex*"User Image

"*shakes head and smiles* You're such a dork..."User Image

"Seconded!"User Image

User Image"Thirded! ...What? It seemed fun."

User Image"I think we're getting sidetracked again."

"*laughs a bit* That aside, today's event is a Gift Giveaway very much in the style of the Phantom Thieves...since much as our expeditions inside the Metaverse, the outcome is essentially a gamble."User Image

"Speak for yourself! I'm always in control..."User Image

User Image"If by 'always', you mean 'never'...then sure."

"Why do you gotta give me so much sh*t, Marvel? *rolls eyes*"User Image

User Image"Because it's fun. ^ ^ And because I know you're thick-skinned enough to handle it."

"*smirk* Never been accused of that before...but sh*t, since it's you guys, I guess I can handle it."User Image

User Image"That's our King!"

"I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not..."User Image

User Image"I think...it was? ...Soma, you said something about a gamble? I like the sound of that, so...explain..."

"Didn't want to interrupt the show, but since you asked, Ozaru...it's our Christmas Gift - Robin Hood Roulette! In which the treasures we take from the rich and corrupt of the Metaverse are...redistributed to our poor friends from without. Of course, it would lack in style to simply drop the gifts in the station and leave them, so we're doing this like Phantom Thieves should...via a game of chance!"User Image

"It's a one-in-six chance of obtaining the prize of your dreams or going bust. But since you're playing with House money from the start, you've really got nothing to lose..."User Image

User Image"A true game of chance...I like it."

"That's our Ozaru! *smirk*"User Image

"Was that a compliment?"User Image

User Image"Maybe...just keep trying, King, and you'll figure it out eventually!"

"Now you're definitely f*cking with me."User Image

User Image"*blows a raspberry playfully*"

"Now then, let's roll the dice..."User Image

"...And see just where the whims of fate may lead you on this lovely Christmas!"User Image

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

1. To play, simply enter up to and no more than [1 character] into the forum by posting with the [Format Below].

2. Multiple characters MAY be entered later at the discretion of Arena Emperor.

3. Once they are entered, you will choose one of the six traditional 'gifts' for your character. After your choice, the prizes for each 'Resolution' will be revealed.

4. Everybody wins a prize simply by playing!


Enjoy the game! And Merry GUILDMAS2017!!

[quote][size=13][b]Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette![/b][/size]

[b]Ultimate Prize:[/b] [What is the one thing, within reason, that you would like to win the most?][/quote]

[quote][size=13][b]Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool![/b][/size]

[b]Something Shiny:[/b]
[b]Something Heavy:[/b]
[b]Something Cute:[/b]
[b]Something Golden:[/b]
[b]Something Romantic:[/b]
[b]Something Useless:[/b]

[b]My Gift Type:[/b] [Choose and insert one of the six Gift Types listed above!][/quote]
PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:08 pm
Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

Name: Shiori Niko
Class/Group: Illa Phasmas
Ultimate Prize: Something to improve her abilities as a Phantom Thief.

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool!

Something Shiny: Very Expensive Diamond - A perfectly-cut, extremely expensive diamond recovered from within the Metaverse. Could be sold for a large amount of money in the real world, or used as a catalyst to cast any Very High Level spell on the skill list...regardless of whether or not you know the spell...one time in battle. The diamond is consumed in the casting.
Something Heavy: Astral Axe - An axe capable of bypassing most shield techniques and armors to deal full damage at all times, returning 5% of all damage dealt as health to the wielder.
Something Cute: Bunny Scout - Marvel gains the ability to pull a magical rabbit out of her costume's hat (if she brings it) once per-visit to the Metaverse. By releasing it into the floor, it can either be commanded to scope out the path to the exit or to locate a single, randomized piece of loot available on the floor and return to Marvel with that loot in its possession.
Something Golden: Persona Golden Mask - Roll a 1-20 at the start of every encounter in the Metaverse. If you roll a 1, Shiori's mask will appear Golden instead of the usual color and when pulled away, the persona's aura will shimmer a brilliant Golden. All Skill List skills improve 1 level for the duration of this fight.
Something Romantic: 2 All-Day Passes to Destinyland! - Perfect location for a date with a loved one or a fun day out with a friend! Destinyland is the most magical place in Tokyo, after all, so who knows what things you might encounter while you are there?!
Something Useless: Proximity Alarm - A small device kept within a pack that detects when a hand comes within 6 inches of one's backside on a train. If it does, then an alarm receiver will go off, alerting the one who holds it (Chell) to the potential groping...wherever he is.

My Gift Type: Something Cute


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Zorc James

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:13 pm
Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

Name:Kensu Yasumoto
Class/Group: Investigation Team
Ultimate Prize: Honestly, even if I am not sure if it's possible, its really to know more about the team. Beyond that, just to enjoy life and not be strong enough to enjoy it peacefully, relatively speaking

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool!

Something Shiny: Circlet of Scorching - A shiny, silver circlet with a brilliant ruby gemstone inlaid in the front. Once per-day the user can touch the circlet and conjure a beam of pure, scorching sunlight which fires in a thin ray directly from the circlet in a line in front of the user for up to 120 feet. Deals Very High Fire Damage to anyone caught within the ray and has a chance to leave a lingering burn.
Something Heavy: Boots of the Stone Giant - Heavy, slate-gray boots which lace up above the ankles and feel incredibly heavy in the hands yet quite normal when worn. Decrease physical damage taken when worn by 10% and reduce effectiveness of poison by 50%, while increasing likeliness of effect: Berserk/Rage by 50%.
Something Cute: Build-a-Frost Voucher - Become the idol of a worldly Jack Frost, who will begin dressing and acting in the image of the winner! The new Frost-hee will be equipped with 3 Low Skills, 2 Medium, and 1 High-hee skill.
Something Golden: Golden Statue - A palm-sized statue of your Persona, able to be sold in stores for a very tidy sum, traded for a useful item, or used as a catalyst to cast any High-Level spell on the List once before the statue is consumed.
Something Romantic: Miracle - The result of an impossibly strong wish, made possible through continuous efforts over a very long time. By landing 1000 blows or taking 1000 blows in battle, eventually the user stores up enough magic (should they survive) in order to make a single wish...whether it be to receive power, or perhaps...to heal somebody special.
Something Useless: Don't Tread on Me! Flag - A useless flag to mount on one of Kensu's flagpoles. Sends a clear message to enemies that he is not one to be tread upon! ...Or else!

My Gift Type: Something Heavy
PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:44 pm
Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

Name: Katsuyori Sanada
Class/Group: (pre)Illa Phasmas
Ultimate Prize: The strength to reclaim and return things once lost.

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool!

Something Shiny: Clarota's Hat - A thin, metal skull cap which prevents mental status effects from taking hold. Is not very aesthetically pleasing, but it is quite shiny.
Something Heavy: Good News - A heavy, semi-automatic assault rifle with a solid range and a strong damage per-round output. Deals 3 Shots of Heavy Gun Damage per-turn + 1-10 additional HP of Psy Damage when used. Must be reloaded after 3 turns of use.
Something Cute: Fox-Ear Costume - An alt-costume for the Metaverse which includes a set of fluffy fox ears. This allows the user to use a mysterious fox fire...a floating, purple flame placed in the air to lure and distract shadows during stealth within Palaces.
Something Golden: Persona Golden Mask - Roll a 1-20 at the start of every encounter in the Metaverse. If you roll a 1, Kat's mask will appear Golden instead of the usual color and when pulled away, the persona's aura will shimmer a brilliant Golden. All Skill List skills improve 1 level for the duration of this fight.
Something Romantic: Phantom Heart - A unique skill used to pull off a turn-around worthy of the Phantom Thief name! Sacrifice half of the user's MAX HP in order to restore 25% health to all allies.
Something Useless: Rubber Banana Peel - Toss on the ground in the Metaverse to try and distract shadows or trip them up as they patrol the Palaces. Effectiveness may vary, though...

My Gift Type: Something Heavy



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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:04 pm
Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

Name: Nekura Myonmu
Class/Group: Plume-of-Dusk Persona user
Ultimate Prize: Power...Or maybe, some better control over it.

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool!

Something Shiny: Ring of Haste - By brushing one's thumb over the underside of this ring and concentrating for a moment, double the movement speed of the wearer of this Ring and allow a secondary, physical attack in addition to whatever skill they use in any given turn.
Something Heavy: Mordred's Armor - A heavy silver armor highlighted with crimson and emblazoned with the emblem of the usurper of King Arthur Pendragon. The wearer grows stronger by 25% in attack power with each successful blow that lands up to 3x attack power. When achieving 3x attack power, the armor will expend all the 'blood' that it has collected in a crimson explosion of power that deals Very High Damage. The collection of 'blood' will begin again 2 turns after.
Something Cute: Moogle Dance - A strange moogle plushie which can be activated by squeezing its hand. When done so, the plushie will spring to life and do a vibrant, energetic, and vaguely adorable dance which can alter the properties of any given battlefield to strengthen or weaken elemental affinities dependent upon the battlefield that is created.
Something Golden: Cabal's Ruin - A shimmering black cloak with a golden clasp, cursed by a strange beast and created in the days before the world was fully made. Resistant against magic up to 5% damage, and converts the resisted damage into a Divine power. Power can be stored up to ten times, at which point it can be expelled as a 3x Charged Severe Holy Spell upon any targeted enemy. Can be expelled before that Maximum Damage point, but only at the level of a Medium Damage Holy Spell.
Something Romantic: Bestow - By expending a turn and placing the user's hand upon an ally to whom they have a deep bond, they may bestow upon that ally a single use of a spell of their own to be cast in a following turn. This does not expend the user's own use of that spell, but cooldowns do still apply as though it had been used. If it was a one-use spell, then you must wait 5 turns to use it again.
Something Useless: Bag of Colding - A near-bottomless bag the size of a moderate backpack, the inside of which is far more spacious than it appears on the outside. It is also refrigerated, allowing for the preservation of biological components for some time.

My Gift Type: Something Heavy
PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:52 pm
Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

Name: Aka Yuuki
Class/Group: Investigation Team
Ultimate Prize: Something that my friends and I could enjoy together, and if it's not too much trouble, maybe make us a little closer...?

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool!

Something Shiny: Divine Weapon of Serenrae - A necklace with the divine symbol of a strange goddess of life and light from another world; when clutching this symbol and thinking of the goddess Serenrae, summon a divine weapon floating anywhere between 6 inches long to 3 feet long made of pure, Divine light. This weapon can be used for an additional, Medium Divine magic attack every turn in addition to other actions in that turn.
Something Heavy: Acme Hammer - A massive, comically huge hammer which can be drawn out of the aether each turn as it is swung upon an enemy; this hammer will deal Severe Physical/Strike damage to one targeted foe. In addition, as this weapon is only summoned in the act of striking, it can never be disarmed from you and can never be broken.
Something Cute: Hana Bani Bodysuit - A thin, blue and pink bodysuit with several white and pink rabbit emblems at different points upon it. Includes earphones and pink clips, and pink markings on the cheek. Doubles speed and increases any projectile attack's power by 25%. By touching a mechanical appliance (ask Arena Emperor if this applies to certain machines), can set it to detonate in an explosion of green positron energy dealing one hit of Heavy Force Damage to all foes within range.
Something Golden: Golden Statue - A palm-sized statue of your Persona, able to be sold in stores for a very tidy sum, traded for a useful item, or used as a catalyst to cast any High-Level spell on the List once before the statue is consumed.
Something Romantic: Inspiring Smooches - A strange, magically romantic ability which allows the user to inspire an ally via a full, on-the-mouth smooch (with their permission, of course) for their next attack in battle. This spell increases the likelihood of success for the following attack while providing a Charge (Power or Magic) effect as well. Usable once every three turns.
Something Useless: Hand Cone of Awesomeness - A strange, potentially-magical hand cone which amplifies the voice of the one who uses it. What it does, if it has any properties, you would only know if you tested it out...

My Gift Type: Something Romantic



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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:52 am
Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Gift Roulette!

Name: Nix Gallen
Class/Group: Investigation Team
Ultimate Prize: New armor would be nice! Something equally useful or better.

Soma's Robin Hood Christmas Roulette Gift Pool!

Something Shiny: Legendary Resistance - An inborn ability possessed only by those of a particularly incredible hardiness; when a mental status effect (Confusion, Berserk, Charm, Fear) would take effect for the first time in battle, those who possess this Resistance could...if affected...simply choose to successfully resist the spell, shaking it off and glowing an ethereal white in that moment.
Something Heavy: Red Dragon Breath - A thick, impossibly hot breath like that of an Ancient Red Dragon, spewing forth in a cone up to 50 feet in front of the user...expelled from the mouth, burning anyone caught within the cone. Those affected by this breath roll 1-10 dice during response post to this Breath. If 1-5, then take Severe Fire Damage with 2 turns of lingering Burn.. If 6-10, then take Very High Fire Damage and avoid Burn. Roll 1-20 every post after using breath; 16-20 recharges breath for reuse.
Something Cute: Snek of the Future Bond - A strange, phantasmal snake that seems almost as though it shouldn't exist in this world or plane; with a tiny, almost painless nibble at Nix's [choose body part] it melds into her body as a small, shimmering violet tattoo. Whenever Nix thinks of someone who shares the blood of the snake, the tattoo will shimmer a little brighter...and if she wills it, she may be transported instantly to wherever that person is.
Something Golden: The Spire of Conflux - An ancient, druid magical staff carved from the roots of a gnarled world tree; this staff passively gathers magic within the orange gem mounted in its head that increases the brightness of its glow over time. Can contain up to 10 Charges, gathering 5 Charges per-day (starting with the full 10 at the time the staff is received). When casting a spell, if the Spire of Conflux is used you may expend a Charge to increase the level of the spell you are casting...or multiple Charges to raise the spell multiple levels. For example, a simple Agi could be raised to an Agilao with one Charge, Agidyne with two Charges, and Ragnarok with three Charges. In addition, you can alter your spell to target extra targets at the cost of a Charge per-target.
Something Romantic: Astral Summon: World Serpent - A unique summoning spell usable only once per-day, triggered upon the moment Nix would reach 0 HP for the first time that day. At that moment, the Earth itself cracks and splits before her...and from the broken Earth emerges an impossibly large serpent, poison spewing from its gullet as it rises high, high, high into the sky...and then crashes down towards the Earth upon the foe who struck her down, biting with its tainted maw at the foe with Severe Phys/Poison Damage. As long as damage is dealt, the serpent will restore Nix to 1 HP.
Something Useless: Phylactery of Waterbreathing - A thin, watery-blue potion which, when consumed, allows the user to breathe in water completely normally for up to 1 hour. Contains 3 doses of potion and could potentially be refilled by the right person.

My Gift Type: Something Shiny
*~::Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 FES - The Golden::~*

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