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Soren is located far into the mountains, hidden away by thick coats of snow. The terrain isn't very friendly to those accustomed to warmth, and anyone who didn't know their way around the snow storms would surely be lost within minutes. It snows in Soren eight months out of the year, while the next four months provide a chilly, damp spring. This Kingdom is hundreds of years old; the outside walls appear to be falling apart, giving an almost abandoned feeling. Though once passed the heavy doors, the beautiful city of Soren is revealed. The buildings were crafted from carrara marble, a pure white stone which added to the beauty and elegance of the kingdom. Not much plant life can be kept during the long, harsh winter, but there are many trees in the kingdom kept barely warm enough to survive by magical influence. The dark colors of the leaves stand out, changing constantly as the seasons pass. The citizens of Soren are just as beautiful as Soren itself, especially the royal family.