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The final chapter in the Persona 4, FES, and Golden - RP Guild Trilogy! No prior knowledge necessary! 

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*~::Shiori's Amazing Riddle Raid::~* [Dec. 19 - Day 6]

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:32 pm
* ~ Persona 4:FES - The Golden Presents...The 12 Days of GUILDMAS2017!!! ~ *
(Shiori's Amazing Riddle Raid!)

User Image

"Saji! Chell! Shohei! Tamao! I've got a question for you..."User Image

User Image"I'm ready."

User Image"Okay?"

"Yes...?"User Image

User Image"If you wish..."

"What sport do you never want to play with an elephant?"User Image

User Image"Um...what?"

"Can you repeat the question?"User Image

User Image"I think I'd like to phone a friend..."

User Image"Oh! I think I know this one..."

User Image"Aw...I hadn't even finished dialing your number yet..."

User Image"Wait, you were really callin' her? She's right here!"

"Tamao? You're on the spot!"User Image

User Image"The answer is...Squash! ...Yes?"

User Image"Ha! I get it..."

"Bingo! You're right on the money!"User Image

User Image"Nice, Tama-chan! ^ ^"

"Impressive."User Image

User Image"So what's with the riddle-ness, anyway, Shiori? Just get the urge to tease our brains a bit out of the blue?"

"Yep! ...Nah, just kidding. It's because today's the 6th Day of our 12 Days of Christmas Celebration, and that means that it's time for my Amazing Riddle Raid! A contest of riddles and mysteries to deepen the suspense surrounding the holiday! ...I'm not entirely sure this is a 'seasonal' event in nature, but at this point it's kind of tradition, so..."User Image

"That's a familiar theme, tradition."User Image

User Image"All right, then! If it's a tradition, then I'll go first!"

"Technically it'd be Tamao's turn, Chell. You have to get it right to get to ask the next riddle..."User Image

User Image"Ah, sh*t. I'm no good at these brain teasers!"

User Image"I used to do a few of these in the magazines while my mother would have me waiting before shoots, so...I'm not bad."

User Image"I'm ready for the challenge!"

"But you weren't even close on the last one, Saji..."User Image

User Image"That's what makes it challenging!"

User Image"I can't tell if he's embracing the challenge or just in denial..."

"Is it really embracing the challenge if your answer is to phone a friend?"User Image

User Image"All right, come on then, Shiori! I'm actually getting a little fired up for this..."

User Image"*smiling* I rarely see you excited like this, Tama-chan...all right, then, let's do this together!"

User Image"You're just saying 'together' so you can ask her when you can't get it right!"

User Image"*smiles innocently"

User Image"You can rely on me, Saji-kun!"

"And me."User Image

"And with that...let the Riddle Raid begin!"User Image

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*~::Christmas Question #2 - What do you want for Christmas?!::~*

"What do I want for Christmas? That's kind of a loaded question to ask so early, isn't it? But...well, I guess if you don't say it aloud then nobody will know what to get you. ...Chell, what would you like for Christmas this year?"User Image

User Image"Me? Ah...well, sh*t...I guess a commuter pass from Aoyama-Itchome to Shibuya Station to your neighborhood would be useful. Big Bang Burger doesn't exactly burst my bank on payday, and going full price on the train every time I have to wreck a groper is a wicked strain on the wallet. ...Oh! And one of those new COMP Station game devices that are coming out soon...that would be sick!"

"I can handle myself, you know, you don't have to follow me all the time. But...thanks, anyway, Chell. *smiles* I think for me, some new running shoes would be extremely useful since my old ones are getting pretty worn. If I had the money, I'd love to get one set of those ultra-rare, limited edition PF Flyers...they say that when you want speed, there's nothing better! ...Shohei, what about you?"User Image

"Me?"User Image

"Yeah, you, you big dork! What do you want for Christmas?"User Image

"I guess...some new armor for the Metaverse?"User Image

"Come ooon! You can do better than that! Something for you, not for Ozaru!"User Image

"Then...I'd like to go to Electric Town...together, with you guys. In Akihabara."User Image

User Image"We could stop at the Maid Cafe! Yes! ...Uh, not that I've been there before."

User Image"I definitely believe you. *Sarcasm Mode Activate*"

User Image"I've never heard of that place...is it fun?"

User Image"Saji-kun, don't..."

"*small smirk* They say it's a place of dreams...though maybe not for me..."User Image

User Image"Dude, if you've never gone...you need to go, at least once! ...Is what I hear."

"Riiiight..."User Image

User Image"I'd be happy to share some ikayaki with Tama-chan and you guys at the Beef Bowl Shop...but I guess that's not unique to Christmas, is it? Then, maybe we could all go to Destinyland together?"

User Image"That sounds so fun!"

User Image"Tamao...do you wanna ride in the teacups? *smirks*"

User Image"That's...not it! *blushes* I'm not a little girl, Chell!"

User Image"I'll ride the teacups. *smiles brightly* Sounds like fun."

User Image"Really? ^ ^ Then...I guess I'll go with you..."

User Image"Called it!"

User Image"Oh, bite me!"

User Image"I won't! *nods at Saji* He might..."

User Image"Shut. Up."

User Image"I won't bite you, Tama-chan. *blushes slightly*"

User Image"Thank you, Saji-kun..."

User Image"Unless you want him to, that is. *laughing*"

User Image"*smacks Chell in the back of the head*"

User Image"*still laughing* I deserved that."

"*laughing together with everyone* What about you, Tamao? What would you like for Christmas this year?"User Image

User Image"I... *glances at Saji smiling, laughing...at Chell and Shiori giggling together, and Shohei gently chuckling to himself at the side* I..."

"New running shoes? Two tickets to a romantic movie for you and a certain someone... *winks* "User Image

User Image"*glances just once at Saji...and smiles softly, happily* I think my wish was already granted, actually. *pauses* ...Though if you did happen to have those tickets..."

Welcome to Shiori's Amazing Riddle Raid!

1. The Game begins when Shiori posts the first riddle in this forum. The object of the game is to be the first to correctly answer the riddle.

2. When successfully answering a riddle first (and the answer is confirmed as correct), you will then be asked to post a riddle of your own for others to answer. You must do this immediately after answering correctly, in a separate post. If you take too long to post your new riddle you may be disqualified in the interest of fairness.

3. When answering, you must include both your answer and the CHARACTER who is answering the riddle.

4. The game will end on New Year's Day, or at a later time (all will be informed if the time is moved ahead of time).

5. Whoever has answered the most riddles at the end of the game, and whomever is the last one to ask an unanswered riddle, will receive the Grand Prize and the Special Prize respectively!

6. Riddles are encouraged more so than brainteasers. The contest is more for fun than research.

7. More rules may be added as required.


Enjoy the game! And Merry GUILDMAS2017!!
PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:39 pm
User Image

Shiori Niko

"What can be served but not eaten?"

(Hint: It's not a living thing.)  


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:12 am
User Image

Narumi Chell

"Um..Is it a Tennis ball?"
PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:36 pm
User Image

Shiori Niko

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You're up, Chell."


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*~::Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 FES - The Golden::~*

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