Hi there, the idea for this rp is to take place in a futuristic earth that was struck by a mass biochemical bomb. This was labeled the Revelation Tragedy as the bio chemical that the bomb released ended up mutating the majority of earth's humans into demonic like creatures with unnatural abilities and leading to nearly human's extinction. Along with a new and mass majority of mutated humans to rise up and call them selves "daemon" having powers far beyond that of the remaining immune humans; who soon was forced into slavery or trafficking.
The world had also taken on a more hellish like appearance and crimes,sex, and drugs have now become a more common to the point of normality. One of the most popular and new drugs that only effect demons is a drug called "Knowledge". A powerful drug that leaves daemons in a haze of lust and enlightenment. The only issue is that a daemon can not consume it directly as it is quiet poisonous and must be filterer threw a host by blood. Some pure blooded humans who are immune to the chemical that was in the Revelation Bomb naturally produce the Knowledge drug and thus are bred and forced to be cattle for daemons to mass produce Knowledge. These humans are called Eves.

The rp starts with a rich high powered daemon who buys a Eve to produce the drug for him and to keep as a type of pet. As it is much cheepier to have your own Eve then to constantly by the Knowledge off the street.

I wish for it to be yaoi, and for some one to play as the daemon owner.

if interested please go ahead and message me on here our quote me to get my attention.