~Hello!! Am searching for an active partner who is open to RP basically anything~


Dun't have any character profiles up ATM, so I'm totally willing to make a custom

Favorite Themes:
Apocalypse (( zombie, nuclear, solar flare ))
School Life
Futuristic (( Sci-Fi ))
Dark & Gritty

Favorite Pairings:
Cop x Criminal
Prostitute x Student
Ghost x Human
Master x Slave
Bully x Bullied
Popular x Nerd
Porn star x Average Person
Prince x Knight

(( Just a few to list. I'm willing to RP pretty much anything and with any pairing ))

A little about mah style~

versatile. Can be top or bottom
Can write up to a few sentences or a couple paragraphs (( Varies with partner's response ))
Active, will reply the day or day after the response was received
Prefers PMs

Please PM me if interested~!!!<3<3<3