Hello, all!
I shall tell a bit about myself and the types of RPs I enjoy.

Type of RP's ▶
I usually enjoy any modern AUs, typically including little to no fantasy. I do, however, enjoy a bit of fantasy if it is in a time from long ago or far into the future. Fantasy counts as sci-fi, futuristic, etc.
I usually enjoy adding quite a bit of romance into each RP session, so if you're not into that, I suggest either making an attempt to negotiate with me or finding a new partner.
I also enjoy slave/master RPs, although I will only RP as the slave.

RP Style & Preferences ▶
As most people agree on, I tend to match my partners length of reply.
I only do literate [third person], no exceptions, although if you present me with an interesting idea, I may make one exception.
I prefer being the bottom in the relationship due to me not having enough experience as a top.
I try to reply within the day of the previous reply, but I get quite busy at times, so please don't take my taking long to reply as me ignoring you.
Since it is now summer, I do have more time, so replies will be more frequent.
I ONLY do yaoi RPs! If asked, I may make an exception for a yuri RP, but it must be extremely interesting!

Characters ▶
As of right now, I currently have one original character.
Akira Nanasae can be found in "Zai's Characters" in the Yaoi and Yuri profile forum.
If asked, I will make a custom character. I'd prefer it if you'd give broad details to fit a certain RP type if you ask for a custom character. It leaves room for my creativity.
I will gladly RP characters from a movie, TV show, etc. if asked. I must
know who this character is before agreeing to RP or else you will have to pick a different character.

Any other bits of information [or questions] I may have missed can be asked by quoting me or sending a PM!