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Chewy Ragdoll

Invisible Newb

PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:56 pm
            tab » ██████████████████████
            Some quick informations:

            Seeking M// and M/F only
            I am Chewy Ragdoll. Long time roleplayer.
            Ditcher welcome. Forum only roleplay.
            Looking for 3 + paragraphs or just enough
            to replay back with. No need for story book essay,
            unless you want to.
            Will play either male or female roles.
            Please specify if you want M// or M/F pairing

            No actual plot for pairings below, will probably
            be making them up as they are chosen.
            feel free to suggest your own ideas.

            random themes and pairing below:

            assassins x prince // exile prince x prisoner // knight x prince //
            pirate x prince // knight x bandit // slave x adventurer //
            prince x new harem // prince x tutor // political hostage prince x prince //
            another worlder/summon hero x anyone //
            wounded samurai x savoir // yoshiwara courtesan x wandering samurai //
            retainer x lord // onmyouji x shikigami // youkai x human // sacrifice x kami(god) //
            tengu x priest // land god x shrine keeper // emperor x new concubine
            reincarnation/past memory // time slip // famous designer x college student //
            ceo x new employee // old star x newbie star // manager x new star //
            fated lover/red string of fate // popular teen x unpopular teen //
            street thug x mafia/yakuza boss // friend x oblivious friend // single father x baby sitter //
            rising star/model x reporter // detective x partner //
            detective x mafia/yakuza // detective x psychic/medium // teacher x student //
            revised disney fairy tales // mulan // beauty and the best // the little mermaid

            random ideas below:
            -A mage and knight force to work together on a quest given by the king.
            -An Arabian prince and someone who gets mistaken as a goddess and has to play along unless they will be killed.
            -A prince fancy a random person from the streets and decided to add them to their harem.
            -An exiled noble/royal turn pirate has been caught and is about to be hang. Meets a rather quirky rogue while in jail who helps him escape.
            -Two warring kingdom. One of the princ/ess tired of all the killing runs to the other kingdom and offer themselves as a political hostage in hopes they stop the war.
            -Transmigrated story of a boy who ends up in one of his sister's favorite romance novel. Gender bender fantasy setting
PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:47 pm
Chewy Ragdoll
              Since I do not know where to put this search- I will just leave it here.
              This Guild might be small- and maybe slightly inactive and I could
              probably do better searching in barton town forums, but I just want
              a small and comfortable niche to hang out in and this seems like
              it'll do. Hopefully.

              Intro: high school fujoshi who wants to have some fun roleplaying
              Availability: everyday since its summer break; might go
              missing due to running errands every few hours or so however
              RP Level: 3 to 5 paragraphs and I'm expecting about the same from my
              partners or just enough that I can reply back to. Even one paragraph is
              okay as long as it gives me something to work with.

              What I'm looking for-
              tab Type: 1x1
              tab Genre: Yaoi, Fantasy, Adventure, Modern, Drama, Romance+
              tab (Seriously. Anything with Yaoi as the main.)
              tab Roles: Seme/Uke (I can play both roles so I usually go with
              tab whichever my partner prefers.)

              Current Ideas/Plots-
              tab Currently none at the moment so I'm all for whatever my partner wants.
              tab I'm very open minded and will play anything offered be it a slave/master
              tab story to even fetishes for stockholm syndrome, if that is what you prefer.
              tab Open to new ideas from anyone who is interested in roleplaying with me.

              tab Always happy to put our heads together and plot up something interesting.

Hiii i have some ideas i can PM you if you want  


Magical Krampus

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Chewy Ragdoll

Invisible Newb

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:54 pm

Please do. <3
PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:37 pm
              Im still looking for a roleplay to do. >>;
              Seriously I just wanna write something.
              My fingers are itching to type.

              Please bring your ideas to me since I do
              not have much of my own! Let me join you!
              /literally begging

Chewy Ragdoll

Invisible Newb

Chewy Ragdoll

Invisible Newb

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:03 am
              redid/updated first post.
              still looking. <3
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