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PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:06 pm

Pms only please. I like a clean page and notifications.  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:07 pm
Well I'm back out of a long retirement and looking for an rp partner or two. So a bit about me and what I'm looking for:

* I work in most genres

* I do not pass on adult themes and scenes

* I would prefer my partners to be over 20, as I am 26 and find I have a harder time relating to the interests of those too much younger than me.

* I prefer to rp through email.

* I enjoy casual conversation and plotting via any form of messanger.

* I am advanced literate, a novelist at heart really. 3 paragraph minimum, with strong writing skill, voice, and spelling skills. I greatly prefer about the same of my partners and generally require writing sample exchanges to ensure we are compatible before starting an rp.

* Response time with posts is relaxed casual. I work nights and sleep during the day, so my time is limited and inspiration/motivation can be fleeting.

* Plot. Lots and lots of plot. I am insane. I plot all the freaking time. New ideas for my rps, new rp ideas, new characters. It's constant. I try to behave and not overwhelm people.

* I am a digital artist. If our rp lasts/really captures my interest, I will likely pester you for character references for character/couples art and scenes. Consider it a bonus to working with me.

* I have characters and stories! Lots of them. I will post a handful here but there's so much more if you're interested. I can also come up with new stuff very easily, so if you have something on the brain, hit me up.

* Top, bottom, switch, it really doesn't matter. Like most people here, characters who prefer to bottom in bed tend to come more naturally to me but I am not limited to it.

* I prefer male/male pairings. However, female/female pairings having been popping up in my plotting a bit more easily lately, and most recently a few crossdressers, genderqueers, and trans characters have firmly appeared in my mind. So lots of flexibility, some just come easier than others.  



PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:23 pm
RP Ideas

* ___ comes from a highly advanced city in the skies, a paradise for some, with the right social connection and money. ____ never had much of either. He made much of his living on the streets. But he did have looks and eventually that became his ticket to paradise. He was whisked away into a whim of a relationship, arm candy to a rich and powerful socialite. With his new boyfriend, the world was at his fingertips, a posh and comfortable life, education, safety, the royal treatment anywhere he went. But not love. Who could love a man who gets what he wants with the constant reminder of reality, that ___ is no one without him and back on the streets the instant he becomes inconvenient? Worse yet, for all the gifts his less than charming prince has given him, ___ technically owes him everything, a debt worth a small fortune and should his boyfriend choose to be particularly spiteful over their breakup, he could make claim of that debt. Since ___ could never hope to repay him, this would mean a guaranteed prison sentence for ___, and in paradise, there are no prisons. For that, the guilty are sent to ground, where chemical warfare and hundreds of years left to rot and wild have made the world a very dangerous place indeed, a world of mutation and monsters, a fate worse than death.

In every sense of the phrase, ___ has been a kept man for years, desperate to hang on to his "perfect" life and cater to the whims of his occasionally wonderful boyfriend. Everything must be perfect and ___ has mastered the art of doing everything right. But will fate make it all for not?

While traveling from one sky city to another, ___'s sky ship fails and meets the ground in a blazing wreck. Injured and helpless, ___ finds himself rescued from the flames. His rescuer, however, isn't just human but so much more. Genetic alteration is nothing to bat an eye at in this world. It protects the average person from radiation and poisons, from the curse of genetic flaws and disease, from anything life could throw at you. But life throws an awful lot on the ground. The average person cannot survive alone; and Fel didn't. Raised by monsterous birds in the wilds of ravaged earth, he became like them, a ruthless predator with razor claws, massive wings, and a proud bloodlust that knows no limit. He is wild and savange and far too interested in ___.

Will ___ ever make it back to the sky cities where he belongs? Will he really want to if Fel could be tamed?  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:12 pm
___ was used to be a psychologist. A pretty damn good one too. At first, he specialized in child psychology, inspired by his own troubled, young son. But things changed. He developed a talent for the worst cases, getting through to children who had survived nightmares, earning the trust that would reveal terrible truths in the persuit of justice and healing. It was how he started down the path of criminal psychology, first to help the children, then to nab their predators, and suddenly a whole world of evil seemed to need his expertise. With his help, a lot of terrible people went down. It was hard, horrifying work. The satisfying endings almost made it worth it... Almost. ___ made enemies and now one in particular has made threats against his son. No precaution feels safe enough, so ___ takes them all. Their whole lives packed up and abandoned in a made dash across the country. With options run thin, ___ goes back to the source of his own tarnished roots. See, ___ had one of "those" uncles. This one made headlines. No one knows how many children he took, how many lives ruined, how many snuffed out. He never uttered a word when he was caught. It didn't save him. By then they had him, hook, line and sinker. He was dead now. Prison was full of a lot of bad people, but even the worst hardened criminal knew what to do with the kind of sicko who hurt children. He was a blight on the family name. His house had been in the family for hundreds of years but after him, after what he'd done there, no one lived there. Not for 15 years. Desperate times. Desperate measures.

___ discovers very quickly that the past has not been forgotten in this town. Graffiti covers the outside, angry words his uncle certainly deserved, windows broken, thrown stones still inside. If only the stones were it. Moving in disturbs an unexpected guest, a man ___ barely even sees before he flees into the woods. Shaken, ___ calls the police, who seem all too familiar with the intruder. Turns out the house has not been empty all this time. All these years, this stranger has been there. Living in the family house. In the house of a monster. ___ has no idea what this guy's story is, but he needs this house. He needs to protect his son. And the law is on his side. So, conflicting as it feels, the stranger is sent away. The matter seems over and done with, although curious. Life goes on, ___ settles in with his son, starts a new life, makes repairs to the house. Despite his efforts however, trouble finds him. The enemy they were running from finds them and in a blaze of brutal violence, ___ thinks this is it, this is the end... Only the stranger shows up. He never left. He saves them and disappears but ___ knows better now, knows that somehow, somewhere, the stranger is still in the house. What will he do now?  



PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:18 pm
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