Hello! I'm Yan. c: I'm 20yrs of age and taking time off from school so I've got lots of free time on my hands. I'm currently craving yaoi original roleplays. For a few rules:

- If I had to go with labels, I tend to play ukes/bottoms/subs, but my characters have dom qualities to them.
- I'm currently looking for darker/more mature themes, but I'm fine with the usual fluff and romance too!
- I tend to use anime-based pictures only, or physical descriptions.
- I'm a casual roleplayer so I can write about 2 decent paragraphs average, sometimes more.
- Don't feel pressured to match! Write less or more, let's just have fun together~
- I'm not a grammar nazi! We all make mistakes... I just need to be able to understand you.
- Perfectly fine with doubling, playing NPC's, or having more than one rp.
- I can go with the flow or we can plot things out together. c:
- I can roleplay in threads, pm, email, or sometimes gdocs. I don't use messengers/discord.
- My schedule can be very sporadic, but I'll always try to reply at least every other day.
- If you haven't heard from me in over 10 days, feel absolutely free to send me a message if you want!
- Long term rolepays are preferred but I understand that muses are fickle and inspiration can die quickly, or sometimes writing styles don't just match, so please keep in touch with me and I'll do the same. ^^ I love bouncing ideas back and forth and whatnot!


Angst | Violence | Drama | Love triangles | Stockholm syndrome | BDSM | Mindbreak | Blackmail | Revenge | Humiliation | Tension | Hateships | Action | Hurt/Comfort | Caste systems | Power struggles | Possessiveness/Jealousy | Character development | Secrets | Misunderstandings | Abuse/Abuse of power | Deep backstories | Plot twists | Modern day settings | Sadists & Masochists | Childhood friends or enemies | Memory loss | Human trafficking | Gangs | Cute fluff | Twisted romance | Toxic relationships | Forbidden relationships | Hate turns to love | Opposites attract | One night stands gone wrong | Bromance | Horror | Torture | Survival | Dystopias | Established relationships | Past relationships | Character-driven


Mpreg | Furries | Shota | Supernatural creatures | Fantasy/Sci-fi settings | Arranged marriages (might make an exception for this one?) | Strictly slice of life

PAIRINGS: (bold means craving, underlined means my preferred role, striked means no longer searching/convince me)

Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Stalker x Victim (which can turn into kidnapper x kidnapped?)
Hitman x Target/Mistaken target
Troublemaker/Delinquent x Student disciplinarian (class rep, council president, etc.)
Teacher x Teacher
Student x Student
Teacher x Student's parent
Teacher x Teacher's assistant
Enemy x Enemy
Obsessive fan/Anti-fan
Gang leader x Rival gang leader
Mafia boss x Victim
Sociopath x Victim
Yandere x Victim
Cop/Detective x Criminal
Celebrity x Fan/Manager
Celebrity x Rival celebrity
Celebrity x Fan/Anti-fan
Sex Addict x Virgin
His lover died (Afraid to love another) x Replacement/New interest (maybe the replacement can resemble the former love interest in some way?)
Bully x Victim
Former bully x Former victim
Prince x Knight
Prince x Rival prince
Soldier x Enemy soldier (medieval setting preferred)
Boss x Assistant/Employee
Employee x Employee
Spy x Target
Bartender x Customer
Stepfather x Stepson
Step/Half brothers
Butler x Master
Childhood friends who have changed
Master x Slave
Burglar/Thief x Victim
Feel free to suggest your own ideas?


(To be edited!)

Thanks for reading! If you're interested, please PM me or quote me here, but PM is very much preferred! Thank you very much!