Welcome to my insanity. I am looking for a partner to any of the following themes. I am okay with either Yaoi or yuri. There's a couple things I'm dying for! Mid to full blow literate. Pardon the spelling errors. Pm or threads is fine. I care not for pretty post just please do not use yellow, cyan or neon pink. My eye hate them. I can't post multiple time a day depending on yourself and or rl bs. Pm me if interested! (Anime rl pics welcomed)

Yaoi/Yuri wants: (Red means I have a character for it!)
Dragoon ♥ Dragon
Werewolf ♥ Hunter
Werewolf ♥Werewolf
Hero ♥ Villain
Jock ♥ Nerd
General ♥ General
Assassin ♥ King
Prince ♥ Enemy King (have a storyline for this as well)
Cop ♥ Mafia leader
Healer ♥ Gang leader
Quarterback ♥ Defender