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Doomed to all whom read this...also...:
Doomed to all whom fall in love....
uh, yea...just a rant ^^
ok, so today i looked like crap and tried to avoid my friends but they found me so i ended up hangin with them for like 3 hrs. it was fun. but yea..uh, parents are pissing me off. their divorcing and its so funny cuz my mom cheated on my dad while he was deploid to D.C. She slept wit guys like 3-5yrs older than me in the room accross from me. and i hurd them, and saw the used condoms whenever she did it. and then when she found out i knew, she explained to me that it was cuz she didnt feel "loved".

first of all thats a stupid ******** excuss. and also, now she keeps sayin that she didnt cheat just cuz she knows that their gettin divorced and keeps thinkin that im gonna think she didnt. she wants me to live wit her so she gets child support...so gay.

i mean, shes all about the lies and trying to get me on her side. i cant stand her. and shes gettin mad cuz my dads gonna kick her out in the next month. and she has "no money" even thou she sold all her 5 wedding rings a month ago.

And i know its expensive here in hawaii but still, she wants the whole 2room, 2bath HOUSE! which is like 1000+ a month here. when she could get a studio or something which is cheaper. plus she has an $8,000 bill to Zales. how does someone get an $8,000 bill to a jewery store when they know they were just cought cheating.

and then she always blames my dad. thats so gay. i cant believe she accually thinks that their gonna be 'seperated' for two years so she can get life benefits to all the military stuff like exchange and tricare. its so gay. and then she comes up and says that she would never keep me from my dad when just last christmas they played the "who gets Say" game. keepin me from the other parent.

and it sucks cuz im probibly gonna have to live with her and shes gonna try to move to Texas and even if i wanna go back to texas i mean, i cant live with her at the same time! so i hope i will be able to be with my dad.

oh another thing! shes all law and everything like she knows all about the law and all the little things you have to do and the only ways for everything but she only says what she wants you to think...so you never get the other choices. she tries to use that to her advantage. plus she destroys stuff when shes angery.

like before she threw my dads phone accross the room because she was mad. and then said that my dad has anger problems. yea right. she also destroyed his laptop because he wouldnt leave his friends wedding to come find her cuz she was lost. HE WAS BEST MAN!! he couldnt leave. so i just think its all gay. all stupid and ******** up.

thank you for your time....sorry for the rant sweatdrop

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Fenris Kyoru
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jun 28, 2007 @ 04:39pm
But you aren't going to live with her, so it'll be okies. I promise... sorries you have to deal with this though...

commentCommented on: Mon Jul 02, 2007 @ 08:56am
OMG Sayako, I had no idea. *covers face irl* I'm so sorry..*wipes away tears irl* OMG OMG OMG..It's so sad I'm crying, i'm not even kidding,..oh sayako....I'm really sorry this is happening...I want to hug you and make you feel all better. I Hate that this could happen to you!! I hate it I hate it I hate it! I can't believe your mother would act that way, she always seemed so nice..oh my sweetie...I'm so sorry...

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jul 05, 2007 @ 07:23am
My mommy cheated on my dad and that's how I got my other brother so my daddy left =[ LOL! It suxxxxxxxxxxxx growin' up w/o a daddy. Anyways I thought you told me you didn't care? confused Twisted mind 3nodding Plus thats the whole reason my momma took meh cuz the $500 a month childy support which she wastes on stuff for her =/.. and I could EASILY waste $8k at a jewlry store cuz I'd be getting all those gold chains, silver, and the diamond stuff if someone was gonna pay for it surprised . Then wait til they left so I'd have money to waste on MYSELF cuz im greedy.. hehe.. okay I got way off topic.. laterz.

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