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The Many Tales of Otherworld
Kaiser's Revenge
Kaiser looked at the frozen lake, waiting for his prey to appear. Just underneath the glassy surface lay the ice angels castle, and every so often one or two ice angels emerged from a large hole cut into the ice to leave in hunt of food and materials. Kaiser ignored them, he’d been waiting since before dawn for one certain ice angel to appear. The king. He did not know his name, all he knew is that he hated him and wanted revenge for what he did.
The ice angels are Kaiser’s enemies, they are the enemies of his entire kingdom of the fire angels, whom live underneath the Earth’s surface in the molten core. They have been at war almost as long as the dark demons and the sacred angels. And although neither fire angles nor ice angels can match the strength of a dark demon or sacred angel, most consider their war even more destructive.
Fire angels, turned into frozen statues. Ice angels, burned to a crisp. Hundreds died every week as the angels continued to fight for dominance. Kaiser didn’t really care for the war, but because he was the prince of fire angels, he didn’t have a choice but to fight. His father, a harsh ruler, reprimanded Kaiser every day to become stronger, faster, more agile. Kaiser always obeyed, and even now, Kaiser has far surpassed his father.
Kaiser didn’t care to kill any ice angels, except their leader, who years ago killed the woman who was chosen to be his mate before he was even born. Kaiser had never really cared for anyone, not even his parents, but for some reason the death of this woman had effected him. Rage burned within him, his blood hungered for revenge, he wanted to destroy the man responsible.
It was almost nightfall, Kaiser was about to head back and try again tomorrow, but just before he turned to leave, another head appeared out of the water. Kaiser recognized it instantly as the ice angel king. Smiling, he silently slid his double swords from their sheaths. The king raised himself out of the water and onto the shore.
His hair was a short and silvery blue, with eyes to match. He wore a rich white tunic with blue and gold embroidery along the collar and the cuffs. His pants were the same, and held my a gold sash. He wore a golden chain, wrapped many times around his neck, with one end of the chain hanging low behind his back. Around his forehead was a simple gold band with a ice blue rune in the middle, which marked him as the leader.
Kaiser quietly moved closer, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The ice king never let down his guard when outside the castle, so he’d have to distract him somehow. His considered using his fire magic, but then decided against it. If he used magic, the king would know where he was, he was perceptive that way.
As Kaiser continued to think of a way to distract the king, the king himself started to walk into the forest. Quietly, Kaiser followed. After a few minutes, Kaiser wondered where the king was headed, for it seemed like he wandered aimlessly. But then, just as Kaiser was about fed up with him, the king stopped just outside a clearing.
Inside the clearing was a beautiful pond that had a large waterfall flowing into it. There were large giant blue crystals that glowed and were embedded in the rocky wall around the waterfall, which reflected on the water and made it sparkle. The king went to the water and began to unbutton his shirt. Apparently, the king liked to take trips here to do some nighttime skinny dipping. Kaiser did not wish to watch that, he decided to make his move, and he decided to risk using magic.
His palm began to glow red, and he pointed it up at a rocky ledge that hung above the lake. Letting lose the energy, the ledge exploded and tons of debris crashed down into the lake. The king raised his arms to protect his head as some of the debris and water fell around him. That’s when Kaiser made his move.
He rushed forward, preparing to end it with a single strike, but the king wasn’t so easily fooled. Turning, he evaded Kaiser’s sword just in time. Surprised, Kaiser quickly led a follow up attack with the opposite sword, but the king merely brushed it aside with a quick motion of his hand. Even unarmed, the king had his hands to use as weapons.
Growling, Kaiser attacked again, and again the king either dodged or deflected the attacks with his hands. After a while of this, Kaiser began to become agitated. This was taking too long for his tastes, he wanted it over quickly. He might have to resort to his special technique that he discovered while sparring with his father, a power that no fire angel knew was possible.
Suddenly the king jumped away from Kaiser, landing on a rock that lined the lakes shore.
“You must be the prince of the fire angels, I've heard much about you from my commander’s reports. You’ve caused quite a bit of trouble haven't you? And now you confront me. Tell me boy, do you really think you can defeat me?”
“If I didn’t think I could defeat you, would I be standing here now knowing that I could?”
The king laughed, “Such ambition, too bad it’ll have to go to waste.”
“You wish.” Replied Kaiser and he attacked the king again.
The king dodged the blades continuously as Kaiser continued attack relentlessly. This went on for a while, increasing Kaiser’s frustration. Finally, Kaiser stopped and backed away.
“I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but you leave me no choice if I can’t beat you with my swords alone.”
“Oh? And what exactly do you plan to do this time? Waste more of my time?” the king asked.
Kaiser ignored him, and closed his eyes, concentrating. He searched deep within his body for the power that dwelled there. He found it quickly, and set it free. Power surged through his body, making him glow red. He could feel the power coursing through his veins, could feel it in every pore of his body. He could feel it in his hands that held the swords, they began to itch, wanting to use this power against all who opposed him. They wanted blood, and not just any blood, the ice angel king’s blood.
Kaiser’s strawberry blonde hair became dark, turning black with dark brown streaks. His Neptune blue eyes burned as they turned a fiery red with black flecks swimming within them. Once the transformation was complete, he rushed toward the king with renewed vengeance. The king was completely taken off guard by Kaiser’s newfound power. There had been no reports about Kaiser having this power, which meant no one ever survived to tell about it.
He tried to dodge the swing of Kaiser’s left blade, but Kaiser was now much faster than him. The blade got him in the side, and it was boiling hot, burning his skin and flesh as it cut through him. The following sword was aimed for his head, but the king managed to duck below it, though he felt that some of his hair was just sliced cleanly off.
The king rolled away from Kaiser and quickly stood up, but now he couldn’t see Kaiser. Then he felt an intense heat on his back and when he turned around, another sword was aimed for his neck. He quickly jumped backward, and it was a very close call, a thin line of blood appeared on the front of the king’s neck. He was panting and sweating now, he could barely keep up with Kaiser. And just being around him felt like standing in an oven.
Kaiser slowly and calmly began to approach the king. The king got ready to run, there was no way he could defeat this boy, he was too strong. Spinning around quickly, the king took off as fast as he could back toward the castle. Kaiser growled angrily and chased after him, quickly gaining on him. The king began to panic, and starting yelling for help, but no one was around to hear him. They were all back at the castle, probably asleep.
Once Kaiser was close enough, he jumped into the air, preparing to strike down the ice angel king with one final blow. But a split second before Kaiser was about to attack, three arrows came out of nowhere and hit Kaiser in the chest, shoulder, and arm, and pinned him to a tree. Kaiser looked ahead, and saw three archers. So someone had heard the king after all.
The arrows were made of ice magic, but since Kaiser was in his more powerful state, the arrows melted almost instantly. Once he was free, Kaiser chased after the king again, who was way ahead of him now. The archers continued to fire their arrows, which slowed Kaiser down a little as he dodged them. They were almost to the frozen lake now, he could not let the king escape after coming so close to killing him! Drawing on for more power, he increased his speed dramatically.
He held out each sword to the side, and as he raced past the three archers, they cut them each cleanly in half. It happened so fast that they didn’t even die instantly, but soon they fell to the ground. Kaiser once more set his sights on the king. But he also saw that the lake was now in sight, and the king was still a good distance away. Swearing he raced forward as fast as he could, and he knew he still wasn’t fast enough, he wasn’t going to make it.
As a last resort, Kaiser threw his swords at the king, hoping to strike him before the king dived into the hole in the lake. But the king looked over his shoulder and saw the blades coming toward him, and he ducked as they soared overhead. Then, once the hole was in front of him, he dived in.
Kaiser was so angry about this failure, that he dived in after the king, hoping to get one last attempt to take his life. The water was freezing cold, so cold that if Kaiser hadn’t been in this form, it surely would have killed him instantly. He saw the king calmly swimming away, thinking he was safe. Kaiser swam after him quickly, and the farther he went, the colder it got.
He caught up to the king and grabbed his ankle. Pulling him back, Kaiser grabbed hold of the kings throat and began to choke him. The king’s eyes were wide with surprise, but he quickly reacted. With one hand he began pulling at Kaiser’s hands around his throat to prevent him from choking him, then he pulled back his other arm and punched Kaiser as hard as he could in the gut.
All the air went out of Kaiser’s lungs, and he let go of the kings neck to clutch his stomach. Then he started to sink, and it got colder and colder. Kaiser’s vision started to blur, and the power that once surged through him seemed to sink out of his body just as he was now sinking to the bottom of that deathly cold lake. He saw the king smirk, and then swim off to the ice angel castle. Then Kaiser looked straight up at the frozen surface.
He didn’t want to die, he wasn’t ready to die, he still had much he wanted to do. He still had to take revenge on the king. He could not die! With what little strength he had left, he began to pull himself back up. His lungs burned with the need for air, his head pounded with the pressure of the water that seemed to continue and try to squeeze the life out of him. But he continued to fight it, he continued to fight to survive. The surface seemed so close, but it was taking forever to reach it. He began to doubt that he would make it, but still he continued to try, and before he knew it he broke the surface.
Air rushed into his lungs, it hurt at first but then it felt good. He quickly pulled himself out of the water and onto the ice. He collapsed onto his back, panting hard. He began to shiver, he needed to get home, he wouldn't survive much longer just laying there on the ice. He forced himself up and walked slowly back into the forest and back toward the cave that led all the way down in the hot molten core that was his home.
He had failed to kill the ice king. His father wouldn't be happy, but Kaiser didn’t care, his father couldn't do anything to him except to yell since he wasn’t nearly as strong as Kaiser to do anything worse. Kaiser would try again soon, but next time, maybe he’d wait to come until nighttime since that was the king’s favorite time to come out. Kaiser smirked, he couldn't wait to tell everyone back home that the great ice angel king whom a lot of fire angels feared, liked to skinny dip.

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    Sun Jun 24, 2007 @ 06:05pm

    thats the most freaking awesome entry i have read recently!! It was so good! xp

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    wow, really intense

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