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Doomed to all whom read this...also...:
Doomed to all whom fall in love....
Wow, so tonight i went thru this whole half hour long cry fest because ive become suddently aware of how much i miss my friends in texas. And it all started from this christmas party back in 8th grade.

And it didnt help that everything i saw reminded me of them since most of the things i display are gifts from my few forever friends. It was the worst case of homesickness depression that ive ever had, and i cried harder than i have since 8th grade or even before that.

And it makes me sad because i havent seen my forever friends in 3 years. my parents have kept promissing that they would take me back multiple times but each time its ended in my heart being torn apart from the dissapointment of not being able to reunite with them once more.

And i fear now that ill never be able to see them. Which has sent me spiroling down a vortex of depression. Ill be turning 16 soon and hope, wish, that for my one gift this important birthday be that i be able to reunite with my forever friends, at least for the shortest ammount of time in order for me to make memories and take a fair share of pictures. I truly want nothing else than to see them agian.

Well i shall leave and take my depression with me as i venture off to bed, since it is getting close to midnight here on this lonely rock so far away from home. So i shall leave with this one saying.....

"Never forget those closest to you, for they will give you strength when you need it but will make you fall when you least expect it."


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Fenris Kyoru
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 16, 2007 @ 08:21pm
I have to say this is... interesting... like the way you wrote it sounds odd... But I know how you feel and I'm sorry you miss them so much. Your parents are having some troubles, so it's not really fair to blame them or get mad, at least not about this. But I know what you mean about the dissapointment. It's expensive too.... but I bet you could save up your allowance and instead of always spending it on movies and stuff, you could buy your own ticket, I'm sure one of your friends over there would let you stay with them... like Liz. Well, good luck and feel better!

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