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HP Deathly Hallows Spoiler v1.0
Well... I'm finished. It only took me a total of about fiften hours to complete. A new personal record. And in mention of personal records. Just yesturday I read about six straight hours of the book, recording another record. Now a few mentions on the book so as I may fully rant later... I feel as though the final battle was handled very well. It was perfect. The last meeting with Dumbledore was well done and the final death of Voldemort was most perfect. THe ending with Snape almost everyone expected in some way. 1/2 believed he was evil for killing Dumbledore, 1/2 believed him good. THen there was also the fact the most believed evil or good, he would help Potter in the end... which he did. It was a nice twist of events. Totaly messed with my head. I once believed what the truth ended up being before Dumbledor's death turned my opion around. However, my only complaints so far is the final chapter "Nineteen Years Later". The trio who were all about 36-37 had what two - three children each. Ron's family was fine. Two children with normal Wizarding names, even Dravo's family was normal... from what we were told, but Harry's family was bothering. I loved the fact that Ginny and he got married, what I didn't support was the use of the names. I have a feeling Rowling kind-of rushed into the ending way to much. 'Albus Serverus Potter'...? I would of been flamed in fanfiction reviews if I used that name. Lily and James was well expected, and Maybe Albus as a middle name and Severus as another middle name for the other son... but Albus Severus together... and the way Harry called his son by the name.... ARG! NEEDS MORE EFFORT PUT INTO THE FINAL CHAPTER! I know it was written long before the seventh book was written, but come on, more effort for the final long awaiting chapter would of been nice. I have a feling she should to entended that chapter longer. I liked how it was written, but it seamed more like a fanfiction that anything else. THe next generation heading to Hogwarts is a nice ending... but with the series as big as it was, I think everyone was waiting for a more dramatic ending. What happened to Luna? Did Bill and Fleur have children? What about the rest of the Weasley family? Where are they now? What of the teachers in Hogwarts that Harry knew and loved so well? Who is caring for Teddy Lupin? Shouldn't Harry... being his Godfather be caring for him? And who in the hell was that Potter/Weasley cousin that Teddy was 'snogging'? Who's daughter was she and will we ever know? Of course not. Rowling limited herself to only a few pages to finsh off her famous Harry Potter series. She should of gone back to the final chapter and edited to completly close off the series. And after all the talk about the series ending and never being picked up after... you would of thought she would of endined it in such a way as if no one could. But with the final two lines... the door is wide open for a continuous.

neutral But I must say this in oposition to everything I've said, the final book was well written and I give a round of applause to Rowling for writing such a wounderful final installment to the series we all fell in love with.

"The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."

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