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c** my Way
Behind the scenes of what I tend to think.
"You are a Whore"
No, I am not a whore. I don't ask for guys to give me money while I play with their fantasies. I simply let them enjoy as I enjoy myself. What's so wrong with that? it's not like we are sleeping with each other in the real world, nor have we requested that from each other. It would awkward for one, because though I let myself loose here, I can be quite the shy girl, and I mean very much so. It's weird, I know, sex maniac online, bashful to people I just meet not online.

It's those who get to know me in the real world who know who and what I am. I am opened minded, I would give my life for my friends, I'm pretty smart (just not in math), I am out going and adventurous, I love to go jet skiing which I have bruises to prove just how insane on those things I can get, I love to bake, and I love to cook, if I'm not in the mood to be down right dirty, I pass my time reading or writing, sometimes I even draw. I'm actually very nice, I love to help people and not just sexually... ask my friends if you ever meet them. They might tell you who much money I have given them from the kindess of my heart when they needed it most, since I don't give it out so willingly.

Am I a whore? I think not... in all the years since I lost my virginity, I've only really had four steady boyfriends and two more that just didn't last long. Yes, I've with all but one, never once cheated on them. Once I am taken, I look no other way in life, but in the worlds of pixels and codes of 0's and 1's, I left my self free, to be the person I want to be but don't because of my morals. I can't get aids here, nor can do I have to worry about getting pregnant, I will never really know the guys I meet here face to face, and to me, I have every right to do what I please in my spare time online. I love my conversations, some are really fun.

You, the one who called me a whore (I'll be generous and not give out your name), don't know me. You may never know me... So I can really careless with what you have to say to me. I am not hurt or mad, but amused that you would get so upset as too call me a whore when I am in reality not.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Aug 01, 2007 @ 12:42am
Yep! I agree. I used to be just like this.. And I turned out ok.

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