My Rpc's

race: human...?
Abilitiles: Moves elements with ease, water and lightning mainly
background: She was born to traveling parents, they were killed. So she now vows to protect what she can.
Appearance:User Image
History: Uknown

Age:Her body is appx. 20, but she has lived for more than 500 years
race: Vampire =K
Abilities: can heal comrades, and very persuasive
background:Tall,black hair, knows alot about medicinal herbs... Is very educated... Values human life... She is scared of hurting people.
apperance:User Image
History: She was born around 1650. She was a noble, and she really didnt hate her life. She has forgotten many things about her past that come to her in dreams. She doesnt get to sleep so often.
Chalice- (kura)
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Abilites: Good swordsmanship and really good at mind games. (strategical type things)
Background: prefers to stay near a lake. She like to be alone, so no one can hurt her..and she cant hurt anyone.
User Image
History: Unknown