the things i do is complete whit,
but is whit for me a complete fit?
i will tell u how i dont think,
how i wish to have thought,
in a twisted world where people teach right from wrong,
but just dont play the right song,
so i must make my melody one that i understand,
so i keep searching for this thing i was thinking about,
and thought it was you,
but ill keep thinking and say that ive thought,
when it was really friendship, acceptence, and love i was trying to have bought,
the area was bleak,
behind you i was meak,
blockaded from the window at which i was trying to have seen through,
trying to release the quilt of desire i have sown,
inyet i was not known,
blown aside to those that did not matter,
but then i thought that this is where i belong,
till i can think of a new way to start over.