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catz22's jounal
i write bout things that happen during the day.
hey people.....its cold here!! i dont like it!! i wish i was summer......there is alot of snow...there is 2 feet of snow and we are going to get more snow.....i wish snow didnt exist......because its cold and wet and ugly!!! but what i like about snow is snow days...anyway i hate snow....because its cold and ugly and wet and hard...when my brother throughs it at me...like one time he gave me a bloody nose and he laughed and ran.....i didnt cry but i wanted to.....i just sat there until he came back....he laughed at me some more and through and nother snow ball at me...and ran once agin and that time i did cry...but not alot.....once my nose stoped bleeding i got up and picked up and ice chunck and looked for my brother...as soon as i found him i through it at him and hit him in the stomach and he got really mad at me and punched me really hard in the stomach and laughed and it really hurt!! but i didnt cry because there were alot of people there....so i ran home a told my mom and my mom called him inside...my mom let me punch him in the face really hard...when i did i gave him na bloody nose.....he had a tear in his eye and i laughed and said how do you like it...and my brother said i dont...so he said im sorry and i did too.....that was a little while back but ooo well....but he still throughs snow balls at me but i always get him back...we dont through the snow balls really hard we are just playin with each other........and that my story about snow...p.s its true...

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commentCommented on: Sat Dec 22, 2007 @ 01:47am
o im so sorry ur bro did dat to u!!!!! i wish i was there to tell him off!!!! anyways wats new? have u had anythin excitin happen to u lately?

commentCommented on: Sat Dec 22, 2007 @ 03:05am
i miss the snow... i loved it back there in the east, but here there are insanely dul winters.....

and wow, your brother sounds pretty mean

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