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Pokahydee's Journal
Well, I guess this will be your typical weblog/online journal. I'm not a very interesting person most of the time, but I have my days^^
Hello, my name is Pokahydee, I'm pretty new to this particular community, but it's a neat site so I decided to go ahead and create a little journal. I doubt many people will be reading it so I'll just say whatever I feel like it in here *shrugs* Anyway, to start, here's a little about me.

Site(s): http://www.mysticallegends.com (there's a few more linked to this one)
Email: pokahydee@mysticallegends.com
Age: 22
Birthday: May 29, 1983
Sex: female
Favorite color: pink XD
Marital Status: single (and loving it XD)
Occupation: nanny (I make damn good money for it too XD)
Education: finished high school, currently in college (1 credit hour short of being a Junior)

Well, there's some basics, I won't post my real name because I don't care for ppl to know my real name until I get to know them better^^ Anyway, I used to be an avid fanfiction writer, my love for it is slowly dying, even though I had a huge fan-base at one point XD I prefer to write my own stories now even though I haven't posted them anywhere. I'm too worried about my ideas being stolen to post any stories online so only a few close friends have read any of my original stories *shrugs* I'm also a big fan of drawing, I have a TON of fanart XD Most of it kind of sux (in my opinion) anymore, but that's just because they are old as well. I'm also a big fan of original art now too *shrugs* My Elfwood Gallery and my My Elfwood Fanart Gallery those are some examples of my work. Some of them are pretty old so keep that in mind when you go there XD Well, I have to work now because the kids are going to be getting up soon so I'm gonna take off right now. Will post again when something exciting happens.... or when I'm super-bored XD

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