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Final Judgement Character Sheet
These are the listed Role Players in the Final Judgement Role Play.


Name: Sedecrem Menorae
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has extremely long and silky black hair that reaches way down past her bottocks. She usually wears it up in a messy bun or some other strange ornate style with interesting hair ornaments. She often wears ripped jeans and designer boots made for combat. As a shirt she has her entire torse from below her armpit to just above her bellybutton wrapped in a white cloth/gauze. Her arms are wrapped in teh same fashion, from her elbows down to stopping just before her fingertips. Her skin in a very pale pearly tone and her eyes are a dark green with bright yellow accents. She's very athletic, lean, and tall.
Personality: She tends to be brash and straighforward, but she doesn't intentionally drive people away. Her rouge-sih nature and bad boy attitude tends to do that for her. She's always looking for trouble and for some old car window to smash in, but she makes an excellent party buddy.
Human/Demi God: Demi God
Alliance: Neutral
Powers: Can bend and harden shadows and light.
History: Sedecrem lives in the grungy town of Security were most of the lowlifes hang out, both human and Demi God alike. She enjoys to kick some a**, but she keeps to herself when not getting into trouble. Her brother is a drug addict and lives with her in her crappy apartment. She does her best to take care of him, but his Demi God abilities are getting to him and now, with the appearance of some new Dark Demi Gods, he's even more tempted to join the Infernal Darkness.
Other: Her favourite food is tuna casserole.

Name: Luks Fog
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and slim. He has shaggy short grey hair [almost 'scene' in nature] and piercing grey eyes. The skin around his eyes is usually red rimmed and dark du eto his sleepless nights and frug abuse. His skin is pale like his sister's and he usually wears ripped jeans and converse. For a shirt he wears band tees and is sometimes seen in a hoodie or a fur-collared coat. He tends to wear accessories like unique belts and bracelets. Some of the bracelets belonged to his mother. He's lean and tall, but almost a little too skinny.
Personality: He's cold and stays very inward. Only to his sister does he usually open up. He doesn't usually try to make friends, though he's damned good at having one night stands and picking up chicks. His dark good looks are strangely attractive to women.
Human/Demi God: Demi God
Alliance: Nuetral... for now.
Powers: Can recreate any nightmare he himself has experience and can easily con men and women to his bed.
History: Luks and his sister grew up under different circumstances. Sedecrem's father died and her mother soon remarried and gave birth to Luks. The family was very disfunctional, as the father often beat Luks and his sister. After a long set of ten years, the father finally shot the mother and then killed himself. Because of Luks's power to recreate nightmares he was able tot ake the fear and pain of the abuse he experienced and make others feel it. He relives it unintentionally and the only way he finds to subside it is in drugs. His sister has taken care of him since he was ten, but she can't do much more if he continues to spiral downwards and eventually join with the Infernal Darkness. For there is no stronger enemy than one who can use your fears against you.
Other: Luks's favourite band is He Is Legend.


Name: [Blade]
Age: [21]
Gender: [Male]
User Image
Personality: [Keeps to himself most of the time but cares for those he knows well and trusts.]
Human/Demi God: [Demi god]
Alliance: [Netrual]
Powers: [Super strength and fast reflexes]
History: [N/A]
Other: [He mainly uses two swords (Black and silver) that can combine to make one sword (Blue like his eyes). He also has a companion by the name of Rarik]

Black & Silver (Black wings)
User Image

Played by: Kookol


User Name: Warqin
Name: Escad Star
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Without the wings
Personality: He is a quiet and calm guy.
Human/Demi God: Human
Alliance: None
Powers: None
History: His mother found him in a temple that was about to be blown up. His mother was a temple priestess when she took care of him. She trained him to be a priest, but he also trained martial arts and archery. A strange accident killed his mother and he lost his left eye, but that accident gave him the ability to see stuff that other couldnt see. He could see spirits and angels now so he made the choice to be a priest like his mother wanted
Other: He got a scar over his blind eye.


User Name: - Allo - Devira -
Name: Allo Devira
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has extremely pale skin, and long chocolate hair, that ends just below her waist, that complements her skin and bright grey tinted blue eyes that were framed by dark black lashes and just under her black eyebrows. She wasn't too thin, but she was not anywhere near fat, she was curved a bit more then normal up top and had a fairly thin waist and she also had long legs that sadly got her more attention then she ever wanted. Her arms were long with thin and long hands and fingers, and feet just the same. She wore many different kinds of clothing, and more then often they were never in style, but that never bothered her.
Personality: She is shy, yet sweet, and she is never afraid to confront someone when what they are doing is horribly wrong.
Human/Demi God: Demi God.
Alliance: As of this moment? Neutral
Powers: She can shape shift into any creature {This includes changing just parts of her into other human or animal parts}, both real and those of the imagination, and have all the skills they do. She can also turn invisible to all sense's, that means she can not be noticed by eyes, nose, ears, mind, and any other means of noticing someone.
History: Allo had always been a fairly normal girl, she had never been a hateful or angry child, although she often did get upset easily. As she grew up she became less normal and more confused, although she hid both well from her parents. When she turned 16 her parents left to different country's for their jobs, and although they loved their daughter, they had not wanted to make her leave the place she had grown up in since birth. So, she lives alone, happy, but alone. And although she had heard and learned of both places, she had never truly been interested in either the Höllische Finsternis, or the Lumière Céleste.
Other: She loves to just be someplace quiet, and slightly cool, with a blanket and pillow and just spend hours there laying or sleeping.


User Name: Cocasine
Name: Basil "Silly" Timoheart
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Basil has brownish blonde hair which comes down aproximately to his shoulders, layered in some way, some bits shorter than the other. This is because he cut it himself. He mostly wears quite casual, cheap clothes which are mostly sold in the street markets. Some of it he found it or recieved it from other people, therefore his clothes are sometimes too big for him. He's slim, because he tends not to eat too much. His hands are always worn out from working, especially washing clothes, and his face is always adorned with a smiling face.
Personality: Basil is too kind for his own good, making his nickname "Silly" Basil. He smiles all the time, even if times are hard, and always sees things in an optimistic way. He has a habbit of saying "Turn That Frown Upside Down" when he sees an unhappy person. He never blames anyone, and never blames himself either. He is failry clumsy, falling over sometimes, but god's on his side. He tends to be extremely lucky, falling over and being missed by falling pianos. [Literally.] He is so kind that if he goes through a poor street, which he mostly does, and finds a person less fortunate than him, by the time he passes the street he's broke. Therefore he never really eats much, unless he has leftover money.
Human/Demi God: Human.
History: Basil had never really had parents, but always had a grandfather who was very influential in his life. His grandfather taught him how to take care of other people, and be cared in that way. His grandfather was a pope of a church, but eventually passed away from old age. Although the church was pulled down, the belief still lives on in Basil. He dreams to being a chef, and to never let anyone in the world hungry again.
But even Basil doesn't know that his grandfather was killed by a sinister Demi-God, and that he is targeted next after this incident.
Other: His favorite song is "Be Happy".


User Name:Alastor_the_executioner
Name:Alastor Mors
Appearance sad exactly like my avitar)
Personality:lover of destruction, fire, and cheeseburgers!
Human/Demi God biggrin emi god
Alliance: Höllische Finsternis
Powers: can summon creatures of the dark, alchemy without equiv. exchange
History: destroyed over 3,000 innocent souls and counting
Other: loves cheeseburgers and is fascinated by the technology of these days


User Name:Neecha Rui

Name:Wynter Azell



Appearance:Stands about 5 foot 3. Ghostly pale skin. Has medium-length brown hair that stays in a low ponytail. Ears pierced. Wears casual clothing, but they all have a sense of coldness about her. Perfers the color pallet of blue, black, and white. Eyes are crystal blue. Has the build of someone trained in martial arts, and yet looks weaker than she actually is.

Personality:Shy, questioning. Quiet around people she's just met, but listens and remembers details about them. With people she knows, she confides in them more and often loves to laugh with them.

Human/Demi God: Demi God

Alliance: Hellish Dark (wanting to be neutral)

Powers: Using her own shadow, she can manipulate her body into whatever animal form she so chooses. The animals she favors include wolves, dragons, and hawks.

History: From her moment of birth, she was chosen to be a part of the Hellish Dark. Wynter struggled and trained for years to perfect the way to lure souls down to hell, and did so without question. However, over the more recent years, she had begun to watch those of the Angelic light, and those of neurtal allignments, and longed to be like them. The surge of Demi Gods choosing the darkness alarmed her even further, further enough for her to leave hell and venture out on her own. Her heart tells her to end her Hellish ways, but sometimes she just can't help but crave human souls...


User Image
[User Name]:
Tay M. Alexiel
Halden Sephirum
[Human/Demi God]:
[Alliance] :
Halden can summon the Earth; he can call upon the trees.
Halden, or Hal as his sister called him, lived in a family of six. He was the middle child. He had an older brother, sister and a younger brother, a mother and father. His parents were assassinated because one was an angel, the other a demon. That's where his wings came from.
Halden was sick a lot when he was younger. He would try and be brave and work through it, but sometimes that didn't work and he was sentenced to bed. His sister cared for him, though she was adopted by the Sephirum's and was a human. His older brother went on a trip and was never heard from again. His younger brother is in a town far away from the conflict. His sister died defending him.
All his family died in the tilting tides and Halden vowed on his parent's grave, that he would never become involved with the conflict. That will soon change.
Halden HATES fire with a living passion. He can call upon trees and fire burns trees. Halden is also very well educated. He has a terrible habit of bitting his lip or rubbing his hands together in sticky situations. He loves puzzles and brain teasers.


User Name:X~Solar Boy Kal~X
Name:Emillio 'High Roller' Ritter
Appearance: (short black hair,cool sunglasses though...)
Personality:He's a rough and tumble kind of guy,hs signature line being 'Ya know?!'
Human/Demi God:Human
Alliance: [If a Demi God]
Powers: Purelitt surprisingly
History: Emillio is a street fighter,end of story. His parents passed away when he was young,leaving him with the possibility to make many wrong choices. He didn't though. the only bad choice he's ever made was getting into the street fighting profession.
Other: He always carries around chain mail gloves,he's made many enemies in his fights.

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