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Hello, my journal will mostly have me ranting about random things but i also will post some of my storys or drawings.
Another year, another KATSUCON
are all my journal entrys just rants about cons? am i really that big a geek? ah, who cares, there damn fun^w^

i went as kiba again (only my cosplay was way better looking this time and i even managed to get into character more =^w^=)

i saw the cosplay and iron artest (last year's was bettah) and everywhere was some cube with hearts on it from a game called portal, people would yell "the cake is a lie" and there was this awesome song for it too. i had no clue what was going on but it rawked...

so far it has been my best con. i was the only kiba and lots of people took pictures of me (though the interesting thing was that people would come up to me saying "OMG, Akamaru! can we have your picture!!?) on saturday i put a sign saying 'glomp Z kiba' on my back and it made everything more interesting. i was glomeped by L (squee) and itachi! and hugged by lots 'n lots of people^w^ orochimaru gave me candy (and asked me to go with him to his truck... i refused...)

The kabuto cosplayer fro anime USA was there, i think he goes to all the cons around DC as Kabuto... he coolio

oh, and interesting thing... me and my friend were sitting down for a minute and just as we were about to get up and try to find our other friends (who we left, lost and alone in the dealers room) when these two guys come and sat right next to me. The one closes says "you don't know who i am do you" and i nodded, so then he intruduced himself (Matt) and his friend next to him (JT or something... he didn't talk...) and told me he was drunk and thought i was hot... me and my friend gto outta there as soon as possable but it was still funny and unbearably weird...

Actually, i sorta lied before, there was another kiba cosplayer, but he was an actual guy and he was being older kiba (so me as younger, girl, kiba was still original) and the reason i'm telling you this is because he had a gient akamaru plushi that put my tiny akamaru that i held in my shirt to shame.

There were some group Naruto shots but i didn't get a chance to be in any... everyone just wanted akaksuki poses and Naru/Sasu yaoi-ish poses (most involving the yoai paddles)

There were about 6 narutos, 3 hinatas, 2 tsunades, 4 sakuras, 5 kakashis, tons of random chunin, 2 kibas (meh), 10 orochimarus, 40 sasukes and a billion akaksuki (mostly kids between the ages of 6-12... wonder why) there were sooooo many tobies. Dureing the iron artest when they were asking for questions one tobie rasied his hand and with teh full attention of the room yelled out "tobie is a good boy." after which we all proceded to yell "no! tobie is a bad boy! very bad bad boy!"

i didn't buy as much as i thought i would have, only afew FMA manga volumes and some art from the artest ally

oh yeah, have i mentioned my secret plan (that is in reality not secret at all)

yes, i plan to get a table at the artest ally next year if it kills me... after looking around this yeah i realized... im wayyyy outta my leuge crying i'll have to make my prices low as dirt to sell anything when im being compared to all these profeshinoals... but i have to do it! i know i can!
Though i really don't know how the whole process works... i should figure it out soon... you have to pay for the table right? and make a name, and plan how everythings gonna be set up... hn... hows at all gonna work... im not sure... but i have a whole year to figure it out

this was the first time i pre-regestered, it was aweersome!!! i love thye short line!!! Though in reality you could get by without a pass, they only check it to get in the dealers room or main event hall. I'd never do that, cuz i NEED the deaslers room, but my sis decided to crash the con on sunday without a pass, no one notaced...

Besides what i'v already talked about i just sat arund alot, watched movies, amvs. i missed all the panels... i think in my entire history of cons i'v only gone to one panel... they seem to bore me -_-

whew, i think im done^w^ next stop otacon (i really am a geek aren't i sweatdrop well, i only get this was when the con comes to town... or if someone insults FMA)

i really really promise to put up pictures this time! (the animeUSA ones are sorta lost for all time and enternity) my friend took a bunch on her digital cameria and i'll post 'em here (soon as she gets over that stomach viras...)


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