today on a site i found 20 ways how to annoy kyo off of fruits basket and here they are! 1. run up to him, hug him,then when he is transformed pet him like the pretty kitty he is.

2. hug him,steal his clothes when he ain't looking, and run for your life!!!! him lot's of cat toys for his birthday...make sure you have a real gift too!:]

4.scream KYO-KYO very loudly...tell him he's adorable...

5.tell him you want to go on a date with Yuki:]

6.when he is asleep...cuddle up next to him(carefull not to hug him)and stare at him till he wakes up looking at you.....

7. make him a riceball with catnip dont tell him and let him eat it!!!!

8.make a nice big pot of leek stew for dinner...

9.tell him he'll never beat Yuki or Hatsaharu in battle(tell him you were kidding once he cools off a bit!!!

10. tell him kagur is around the corner....

11. call him ORANGE

12. invite momiji to do something with the two of you...

13.complain about everything

14. start kicking him randomly and running away

15. beg him to hold your hand him stupid cat

17. put a litter box in the bathroom

18. invite kagura over

19. sing the meow mix song.

20 BUY HIM A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!