Well, as I said before the noble effort (yes I like those two words, any problem with it?) were a succeed victory and had good critics so the sub-principal recommend us to another junior high to dance again as we was taking the break.
After half an hour we did realized the sub-principal was coming to the room we were, the dance group were expecting an award or an exortation, who cared? When he entered the room we all were eating and just keeping an eye or two on him as he said this exactly words: "Wow, the dance was good, but I want it perfect next monday" after he ended those word with spit out the soda/tea/water/juice we were drinking and those who were munching spit up the so called "Food" the only thing that a normal human (I'm not inside there XD) could eat was the salad cookies hehe...
We suddenly asked what the hell he tried to say as he answered: "Well, your invited, and by invited I mean forced by me (Yeah he said that too as The Lion Dancer were holding her broom to break it in the sub-principals, well lets give him his nickname Elies! its name is Elias but the english teacher calls him Elies, as we normally call him dork, many kind of other bad words but his nickname is Cara de Pug (Face of Pug)) your going to dance next monday at the general junior high number 2!" Dun dun dun! That school is recognized by some simple kind of facts, fools the gangs that tries to go near, they end up traumatized O.O, that school is behind a graveyard, also is behind the police department for a reason you know? We didn't care that much, we even take it as a joke, the fact that didn't liked us is that many of us had to left quickly also others didn't even had time, it was to far, or sort of things like that.
As I said we didn't cared a lot and today at afternoon we danced, the problem is that, if you remember at the end of the dance we all had to pick a mom and dance right? Well everyone was like angry, diabetic, grumpy, anorexic, and those stuff, so we pick up randomly someone and extend over our hands, they replied almost the same to every one "Hi there, you guys danced pretty well" we answered "Yes, thank you very much, but now you dance with us" then they shouted "WHAT THE HEEEEEELLLLL?!??!?!?!?!?!!!?!??!????!?" We end up half of in shock but we took them then we shortly showed what we were going to do (( two low stomps and 3 quick ones, then jump like a bunny and do it one time quicker than the other, then slower, then slower, then the most slower you could almost touching the floor, then faster as hell jumping and running)) and did our best to dance, and by OUR best I mean OUR! One was slowing and obstructing the pass, other fall on ground, other twisted an ankle, other just did digged her claws on a guy, other pushed the guy, the other got all messed up, the other's kids tried to kill us... actually they did tried, how can they enter with a knife and a handgun just behind the police department!? Anyways, the other stumbled and dragged us to ground, but it was very funny hehe, and when I was about to eat with the whole team my dad calls from the outside and take me home razz . Also the place where we danced was even smaller than our room, but they gave us their library to practice, (It was a normal room size) and it was even bigger, however, we danced as good as we could and we were suffocating inside of that library! The windows are sealed and there's no refrigeration, For the sake of the oblivion! Its a God damn desert where we live and are!