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Welcome! x333
5/23/08 ~ Hospitals, Evil Trolls, and Trace Memory
Dear Journal-chan,

Shlee-chan's feeling better today. :9 Meh nose is still a bit stuffy, but meh throat has decided to be nice to me. The only thing that's been wrong is that I have waaayyy too many brain poots. eek I dunno how many times today I've mixed up my words or forgot what I was saying in mid-sentence. It's like my tongue's rebelling! xp DARN YOU TONGUE domokun

Shlee-chan's going out of town today ^^ I'll get to see my grandmother (who's been in the hospital for about a month or so crying Had a stroke). I also get to hang out with my pwnful cousin, Bri-Z-chan. x3 *hugglies* Ah luff her to pieces.

The Ebil Troll gave us a buncha homework for the weekend e.e And it's due Tuesday. He expects us to work on the weekend AND Memorial Day? stressed He's so nice stare The following week'll be hectic. It's the second to last week of school, so we're uber busy. We've gotta memorize Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare (gag X.x) in english class, in French class (also taught by the Ebil Troll) we've gotta memorize two short skits and a long long LONG skit by Tuesday for our movies, and in social studies we've gotta make a political cartoon, a resume, and an epitaph for our 'historian cosplay.' burning_eyes It's so insane!! The only fun part about this week is in math we're making giant, colorful, tissue paper hot air balloons. 3nodding That'll be teh sweetness, cuz we get to fly them on the last day of school. ^^ I hope they didn't forget our yearbooks, btw X.x Nii-chan (Konohamaru) got his already, and my other mutant sibling (Temari) got hers, too. Alas, our school has not yet xp We iz so unluffed. emo Psh, oh well biggrin

Shlee-chan's tired today. She stayed up half the night finishing Trace Memory (all in two days! HOW AMAZING IS SHLEE-CHAN!? blaugh ) I don't even know how it took me that long, cuz on the game counter it said it only took me 3 hours and some minutes ._. Gawsh, and you'd think I couldn't do it with my stuffy head. xD I'm so proud of mehself. That was a REALLY hard game at points O: I actually had to use cheatworld for a few of them. xd Like (ZOMG BEWARE OF SPOILERS, THOSE OF YOU WHO'VE ACTUALLY HEARD OF/ARE PLAYING THIS GAME!), there was one part with this black double picture frame that had a picture of a bird, a key, a book, and random lines next to them. How was I supposed to know that you had to half-close your DS until you saw the top picture's reflection onto the bottom screen? o_O You'd have to seriously be a genius to figure that out! xD The reflection was even hard to understand O: The key appeared inside the book, but the bird...I don't even know why the heck the bird was even there. And THEN you even had to look eye-level with the darn thing to see that the lines made an F3, meaning the bookshelf number thing. sweatdrop I cannot believe they'd even put that in a game. It's so hard. And then there were also parts where I failed at life xD;; I went on cheatworld and discovered, "ZOMG THAT WAS TOO EASY! Xo WHY THE HECK DIDN'T I SEE THAT!?" Like, there was a teddy bear that the game DISTINCTLY told you 5 million times that Ashley-chan (main charrie) got for her birthday, and one of the clues to finding a DTS chip was that the chip was with one of her birthday presents, which, of course, was the bear, since there wasn't any other present in site. stare Sometimes I just feel like screaming, "BAKA! Xo" to mehself. xD

o_O Oh gosh, I really went on a rant about T.M, didn't I? sweatdrop Love that game to pieces. x3 Shlee-chan must go dust the house, shower, then pack. =/ I dunno if I'll be on tomorrow.

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