ok well school is going to be over on wensday! yipy skipy! i cant wait for it to be over! but i am going to miss all of my friends over summer. so i am going to have to get there phone numbers! and of course the year books came out and all of the popular girls got 1. but i am getting mine tomaro so yeah i am proble going to get made fun of because i got mine late. but thats not it. the weirdest thing happend. well the popular girls ask me to sighn there year books! i thought that was strang.and 1 of my friends put u rock! omg! xp but yewah thats the only goo thing that has been happening well something eles has happend but its personal. lol but its realy bad and it spreed through the hole school because my "friend" told every one! *sighs* well i hope that dosent happen to u and i hopde u hav a grate week! bye! biggrin