my name is becca. i have two dads and one mom. my real dads name is travis, my step dads name is derek, and my moms name is lila. i have two sisters, jamie and ashlan. jamie is nineteen and ashlan is thirteen. i am eleven. i have bron eyes and brown hair. my hair is short and im skinny. im pretty tan (i never burn ecept on my face). i looooooove the twilght books because theyre the BEST books on this entire planet and im in love withone of the characters, edward cullen, also a vampire, who is in love with a human and plans on marrying her and turning her into a vampire too. i love this book. i love to go to school and i get all a's. im in the same class as my crush and im really nervous. but i cant wait for school to start. this is all about me.