omg! dude i was on youtube watching an interview with the voice actors of the simpsons cartoon and i found out the most horrific thought ever is actualy true. one of the questions the school that the actors were at as a special for asked the guy who did the voice of ned flanders is there realy a cult in britain that dresses up as ned flanders and live life as such and he answerd yes to that question. i looked up online and sure enough there is. i found photos of this strange and bizzare group . these people realy do dress up as ned...right down to the gritty nasty old barbers mustache. is that not the wierdest yet most interesting but repulsive and at the same time hilariouse thing you have ever heard? i was all like, dude, these people are almost as bad as the dorks who follow in the foot steps of the dorks of that starwarz cult that got pwnd by the drunk guy in a darth vader costume that nailed all there dorky a$$es with a medical cutch. so before you get want to write back to this, do some research on both cults on youtube and youll know what i mean dude. commodore morgon sighing off.