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You may think you're all that and a bag of chips. well i'm all that and a bag of skittles so taste the rainbow b***h!
Emo isn't cutting. Emo is attitude and sexy hair. If you cut you are a cutter. It's not cool and nobody likes it stressed . I am tired of hearing from posers 'oh if it helps you feel something go for it. Oh I feel like nobody cares anymore. Oh, everything in my life is horrible I just hate it.' You are not a robot, a book,or a household appliance. You are a human. You feel things you just don't want to look like a freak for various reasons. You think it's emo and that is what is cool. NO it isn't. It is posers like you cutters that destroy the meaning of beautiful for me and make me want to throw up in tin foil and eat it scream .(quote from Monster House! Pizza Guy RULES!) Of course somebody cares. If nobody did, where did you find that razor? Not in a dump somewhere,maybe in the garbage can. But that is in your HOUSE. If nobody cared you would be a naked homeless person that is laying in a garbage can/dumpster after being beat up by the russian mafia. If people cared before you said the word ANYMORE they still care now. Not everything in your life is horrible. If you are able to read what I am writing right now, you have a computer. That isn't horrible. Have you ever laughed before? Do you like your friends? Yes you have and you do. If you didn't like someone they wouldn't be your friend. If you have never laughed before then you are a deaf blind mute parapalegic exclaim . You don't hate your life. You just say that to get attention. You would in memories of people as the kid who killed themselve by now. Just think. Today wasn't great,but tomorrow will be biggrin . I promise! 3nodding Some days are not the greatest but other days you never want to end. I know that I am right! 4laugh If tomorrow isn't great, things will get better. If still they don't, you are doing something wrong my friend. Go out there and be th best you you can be. Wear the clothes you are comfortable in. Not the clothes you think are cool or will get the hot guy/girl you like are wearing. Don't chase after people you think look good. Chances are they think you are annoying and if they really wanted to meet you, they would have approached you themselves. IF you cut yourselves, I get up a walk away talk2hand . I will give you a chance ot stop, hey,everybody messes up stare .But if you ever start again, I will have nothing more for you but a goodbye and an address to a psychiatrist evil . I really hope that I have changed someones life today.I really do and that I have changed it for the better. Please understand, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I have poinions and you do too. This is what I think and what a few other people think as well. I hope you have a great day,night,weekend,month,summer,holiday,or whatever else you want. Make it great and have fun doing it xd .
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Ronnie A.K.A Batty

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    AWwwwww Ronnie you're AMAZING! I loved that entry crying

    comment saikamii · Community Member · Fri Aug 01, 2008 @ 07:07pm
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