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Usually only Art....
The wonders of Art.
Kinju Samurai Roleplay OC art.

Her eyes were a crystal blue color, the color of ice. Her hair lay past her hips, the color of her hair a golden brown, letting her elf ears point freely in the way of her beautiful hair. A crown of ice circled her head. Her face pale as a crystal icicle. Surrounding her eyes lay a light gray eyeshadow with ice between the bridge of her nose and her eyes on both sides lay an ice blotch. At the outer eye area lay another ice blotch. Her body structure lay as sound as a ghost. She'd wear a gown the color if ice, the top lay off her shoulders, the breasts area showing slightly. Her chest pale as gray blotches lay softly around her chest, slightly able to see. Her stomach show from the dress, ice straps lay attached to the dress at the opened area on her stomach. Around the hips the gown grows wider in shape, Ice crystals from the hips down to her ankles. She held a staff of ice. Her Goddess like feature in need of a staff. The staff she holds as long as her body, the color of ice, a crystal ice globe sit surrounded by little barriers of ice, the staff at the bottom have a beautiful glow to it. Her shoes a glowing shimmer of light, boots of some sort, not able to be seen much because of the gown she wear.

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Blantrus OC.

His ears were pointed, his hair was white and long, tied in the back. He often wore a silver circlet that lay around his head with a blue pendant in the middle of his forehead, slightly covered by his long bangs that sometimes lay in his face. His green hazel eyes changing color showing his mood, his skin was blue a light blue compared to the night sky, but darker than the morning sky. He wore a black silk cloak each day, his black tunic underneath tied tightly with a light brown colored rope, the pants he wore slightly covering his black boots that were risen to his knees. His bow and arrows in their little pouch on his back the string holding onto the pouch laying across his chest. He was a dark elf.

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Age: 18
Loves to: Read, Play Video Games, Hang at Parties
Usually: Hangs with the guys, flirting with guys, is a Jealous type.
Dislikes: When guys call her a slut. She usually hates when people reject her as a human.

Most of the time you'll find her playing video games, usually playing shooter games of any sorts. She enjoys beating guys at video games.

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