well... lets see for starters over the weekend i whent skating... that was fun acept for the ignorent dude who i had my leg stretched out (not illigal u know!) and he was running around every wear he triped over my leg (i wasnt trying to tripp him!) and got up in my face all talkin u ******** tripped me u b***h im gona kick ur a**!! and his little gang comes over and their like u be trippin him?!?!?! and all i said was um dude!!! u be trippin him is not a full sentenc!!! they just sat their starring at me whial i whent on for about a minnit talking about how to speak and create full sentences! and then they all startec cussing at me and they walked away! yeah alot of people can talk the talk but can they walk the walk? lol. im just glad i have a senc of humor and i know that socioty is going down in a lack of intelleganc and a whoal lot of other things! so that ill be expecting it every time an ignorant a** gets up in my face for nothing or i get made fun of for hugging my best friend!( i guess im a lesbian gecause i hugg other girls. not that i care thoe!) thanx 4 readding smile