Okay, so romping around on the couch and tickle-torturing my friend when she's protesting our complaints about her talking by being silent, apparently is not good for keeping my shirt in the right place. After she escaped, I had to sit and fix my clothes. Thankfully, everyone else was watching the movie. It's kinda embarrassing when I think about how easy it is for girls to just burst out of their shirts. I don't think guys could understand, but then again how often can guys really understand things that are entirely female problems?

Maybe my brain has run off without permission again, I'm not sure. I know at least two girls who have regular issues with their breasts trying to escape their shirts, though, and I wonder how many girls actually have to give conscious consideration to this issue. It's definitely something that I, as a girl, would find useful, what with swapping tips and such. But it's just ramblings. Heehee. XD