*sigh* Really, I never thought I would be calling girls stupid, and yet here I am, proclaiming it. I honestly will never understand why we just love to cause drama, but we do! It's like, we have nothing better to do or something! I mean, I do, I don't stand around and cause problems with people just because I have nothing better to do with my time because I do have something better to do, always.

Why am I bringing this up?

It started in P.E, 6th hour. Probably one of my worst hours considering everyone's all pissed off that came from second lunch (myself included) because lunch is over. Not to mention, who wants P.E right after lunch? Well, ok, so all those feelings can be understood but why must we take our anger out on our fellow class mates? So a girl was joking and answered so and so's question when they asked about something gay. She answered with a "your dad's gay!" a simple joke and yet, everyone takes exception! One girl comes around the corner and demands to know who said that and the girl raises her hand and goes "Guilty as charged." well then, four more girls stride around the corner and gang up on her! I mean, how ********' shitty is that?! What, you guys all are going to tag team for ONE girl! If you can't take her yourself, DEAL WITH THE INSULT!

Then at the end of class, there's another confrontation with on of the girls Angela and the girl that had made the dad comment eariler. Angela and her exchange a few words and then Angela runs off to this HUGE group of girls and starts doing that "I'll speak load enough so the b***h over there who screwed with me can hear everything that I say and I'll shoot her ugly looks." rolleyes How STUPID and IMMATURE can you be?! Yeah, you can't deal with it yourself so you run off to your buddies and b***h at them! I mean, MY GAWD! It's just so annoying and I really do not understand it but hey, that is how the girl world works I suppose. I just watched, but on the inside I was irritated and amused at the same time.

And then girls wonder why they're called stupid.