So this entry comes kind of late but hey, better late then never. I figured that perhaps I could get rid of all this built up excitement. So on tuesday this past week I went out for the school play the Breakfast Club. It's one of my favorite movies so I thought I'd give it a shot. I was crazy nervous at the first monologue reading and I ended up calling for a line three times. I was so pissed off at myself because I knew i could have done better.

Well, there was going to be a call backs list posted on thursday, so when it fnally came around I checked it as a joke just to see if I was one there. Turns out, surprise, I was. Total shock for me! I mean TOTAL SHOCK! eek I was so excited and I went to call backs and we had to do cold readings from the script and I totally NAILED them! So that made me really excited too.

And here I sit, cast as Clair in the Breakfast Club. This is so huge for me and I'm just totally loving it right now. I went to my first read through today. Turns out, I have to kiss Bender twice. I was hoping they'd edit that but oh well. I mean, the guy's pretty cute so I guess it's ok.

Anyway, I think that helped...a little...