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Not-so-personal thoughts and dreams.
Chapter 2: Corset Laces

"Mrs. Lovett, mum! I heard a thump upstairs, and when I went up you weren' there, an'...an'...WAT'ER YOU DOIN' TO MRS. LOVET?!" Toby noticed the corset lace in Sweeney's franticly fumbling hands. "Get yer 'ands off 'er you slimy git!"(how ironic. a johnny depp character being called a slimy git-pirates of the caribbean 2)
"N-n-no! This really isn't what it looks like!" Sweeney stammered, blushing. "It was this silly woman who made the mistake of tying this blasted thing too tight, causing her to faint!"
She did all that fer you! Why else do you think she was singin' 'dontcha?' yesterd-"
"That-That was singing? God, I thought she was trying to torture small animals with the small animals with the high notes! And as for what I now assume to be dancing, i thought she was having muscle spasms." Had she really done all that just so he would notice her?
Suddenly the heard stirring from the couch. Sweeney had actually completely forgotten Nellie was even there. He looked down on her and saw her staring at the lace in his hand. She sat up, gasping at the realization of what the lace was for. "Mr. T!" she shouted, blushing, trying to keep her corset up and together with her hands (fortunately she was somewhat successful.)
"Why 'ere? Why now? Why in front of the boy?" Mrs. Lovett's face was redder than her hair, but Sweeney's face beat hers by a loooong shot. Suddenly, after an awkward moment of silence, Mr. Todd exploded, pacing around the room, shouting," No! It wasn't me! It was you, with the singing, and the dancing, and the lacing, and the passing out on the floor! Why the hell did you want me to notice you? aknowlage you every morning, don't I? Never mind. I'm going upstairs to brood. By the way-" The barber added, pausing with one hand on the door. "In case you were planning on going out today, we need more apple juice."

And with that, Sweeney left.

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