hello once again, to my journal, this is chapter...whatever and yeah, i am currently in florida, it is 8/26/08 i have a tan, i caught a 2.5 ft kingfish and i'll try to get up a pic here -->
anyways it was sweet, it tastes pretty good too, it took 3 days to eat the entire thing, there's so much meat on it. anyways, i am going to see cirque de solie (spelling check there, i'll get back to that) this thrusday (again spelling check, blame my terrible grades in ELA classes..) so yeah, i have a sweet tan (i think i said that earlier) and i work out here in florida, further edits will be inserted along with a date.

ok, today is 8/29/08, still working on that picture from above. cirque de solie (still unsure about that spelling) was AWESOME!!!! it was kinda creepy in a sense but the performance was totaly worth the $105. i won't give away any insider info stuff for those who want to see it, but yeah, just buy the tickets and head on down to florida, and if you do go to see it, be prepared because they might drag you on-stage or mess with you during the performance, so be prepared, and get an end seat or near the front because you might get picked. having fun, leaving tomorrow... sad

ok, welcome again, it is 8/30/08, i am now back to my house, which i will NOT give you detailed information about where it is. florida was fun, but it is saddening to have to leave, but being home isn't all bad, i get to be with my puppy maxi, and i won't give a photo of him. it is much colder here, but that aside, leave comments!!!