Welp! Not like many of you care about my day, but it was semi-interesting in my point of view.
I did my hair up like Witch hunter Robin, which took me only 20 minutes. It was pretty cool.
I got stared at all day, got the "look at her hair!" whisperes and shiz XD It was funny.
I enjoy scaring people in my school. It's a total prep school and Im a 'Goth' XD
Im from the 'dark spot' in the school. I wore my long midnight blue skirt, my black dress thingy over it, and black long sleeved top and black boots with it. I had the look going on heart I loved it!
It's fun messing with their heads! twisted
Yea. thats was basically my day. Nothing happens much at school, considering its a total prep school and it just opened like 2-3 years ago(third year coming up)
And I probably dress the wackiest in my group now that all the seniors from last year are gone. But soon I'll be gone too...*sigh*
Being a half semester senior is weird...I get to graduate in February. The 2nd probably is my last day.
But yea^^ that was my day^^ Normal boring day with more than average reactions XD