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=^.^= My day =^.^=
I was watching the rest of ghost hunt and scream OMFG! Vlad is a creep! He had 2 servent kidnap young people from thier rooms, mostly girls, and take them to a room. From there, they head to the headgegrow, then up to a door. A blast of putrid air hits Mai, as she identifies it as the stench of blood. Then up the stairs. There was a lone doorway at the end of the hallway. They ripp of her pj's and shes astonished to find that she is suddenly wearing a kimono. The door opens and to her horror, .... gonk THERE IS A TILED ROOM SOAKED IN BLOOD! In the middle of the room sits a table with restraints and behind it is a tub full of blood. He grabs her by the hair and slames her on the table .....(shivers) so friken hard that her neck bleeds. gonk *DAISKEDE! The 1st servent ties the restraints while the othere gets a razor sharp knife. Mais eyes glaze over in fear as the knife nears her throat. It edges near, then its all over. A ice cold object slices her throat and blood gushes out. Then she utters out a scream. crying Ayako slapps her face, it was ONE of those DREAMS. She had a dream that someone had died. Turnes out that it was one of the memories of a maid whome had died at the mansion. Vlad thought that if he soaked in blood he would gain eternal youth. but when he died, His restless soul yurned to live so badly..... he became a gonk DEAMON a a a gonk MONSTER! And he continued to kill and bathe in humen blood. With the 2 survents... eek wellll that was a dark jounal entrie.....
* DAISKEDE means HELP in japanese.

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