Sinister Sweets
A few ideas I've had are:
Marionette joints [the mouth pieces are my favorite, but no face tattoos until I'm my own boss. xD]
The arrows from DDR across my shoulders.
The Pumpkin King keyblade, on the inside of my left wrist.
A keyhole in the center of my chest.
Chains, wrapping around my hips, and locking on the right side.
A rosary around my ankle.
A blue peace sign with a tigerlily at the base [my mother is going to get the same one. ;o]
A shamrock, on the inside of my right wrist.
Gears and cogs on the top of my right hand [for that's where the magic happens. 8D]
Possibly a Hello Kitty head, but I'm not quite sure.
Then, there was the joke idea of a blue dictionary on my bicep, slightly open, with three bands of the alphabet circling beneath it. [In memory of my nickname at my previous school. xD]
Sugar, They're the Best.