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Hello, my journal will mostly have me ranting about random things but i also will post some of my storys or drawings.
ANIME usa 2008 WHOOT
Another year another con.
And this one was pretty damn good. Oh and i might be less hyper in this entry due to the fact that it's not sunday. I normly write these as soon as i get back but i was so tired that i decided to put it off.

For the first time i made it to the pirates V ninja dance off and i even huged totaly hot gaara fighting for the ninjas. >.< squee

We went all three days but i didn't go as kiba. I bought these kitty ears and tail and mini tophat and made a wicked outfit from it to were on sunday. im going to make a lolita outfit for katsuconbut at this point im just worried about my money situation. i bought like 15 manga (5 for 10$!!) the tail, ears, ear pearcings for fake ears, mini tophat, mini sword (it's a total butter knife XD), collar with bell (that i shall now were t school always), chibi magnets, pins and art.

We dragged alsong suku, officaly taking her con verginity and trust me, it was a hell of a lot better then my first con.

The masqurade was not as good as Katsucon, too many not so great walk ons...

oh and we saw the ending cermionies, lame except for pedlander Z,

SOmething not so fun that happened was random guy coming and trying to join our group. His name was willium but we called him Tai. You see we met him at the dance off and he seemed okay, the big reason i was alright with him coming at first was cuz i thought he was gay... even now i'm notsre if her was really straight... anyways, you see he followed us everywhere and REALLY couldn't take a hint. I'd say "oh, were going to Mick Donalds" and he'd say "I know the way" rolleyes and bwt, he showed us THE WRONG WAY!!! insted of just going across teh crosswalk and down the sidewalk he took us through some bushes, under a bridge, and across a buisy highway stare stare damn Tai!

Later we realized the only time we had a good time was when he wasn't around.

On saturday we managed to ditch him by suku clinging to this guy with really awesome hair (not onto his hair thankfully).

We had signs saying glomps please, and hug meh? but the con told us to take them off... but we just went around asking for hugs anyway...

Oh and strangly enough, we have a pic of suku and a staff member while she was wereing her sign and he defenatly saw it but just didn't care... infact lots of staff saw them... guys adleast, the first female who saw told us to take 'em off. It's part of there polecy but i think the reason is cuz guys were grouping girls with there hugs so they had to try to do something and the only reason we had to get rid of them was to be fair... but the guys knew we weren't doing anything wrong... or they wanted hugs...

what else what else, oh yeah we keps coming back to this one stand in the dealer's roomso much that they took pics of us wereing there stuff for there cite. there called paw star i think... they had the ears, tails, collors and such... really awesome stuff too.

Oh and i ultimate supper double dare promise for pictures this time. My best friend crimson, who i see everyday, brought her camera so i will get em by the end of the week.

Sunday all we did was take pictures. We didn't go to the rave eather night (had to avoid Tai as much as possable)

Oh and in case she sees this, my other friend ... of whats her nickname... Akumi? yeah, she came fri and sat. It was her first co in the US. Aperently in Puerto Rico anime conventions are just as good, but free stare and that is not fair

do people even read these?


i never get comments but it says people checked 'em out?



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