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The Curse of the Protecter
This Journal of my is a little description of my own roman. I write a whole lot, but I never had the chance to show it to someone. If you are interested in my little work, so do not hesitate to look at it. Thanks for all the ones who read it.
Sonic Fanfiction
Sonic the Hedgehog - The lost Colony Arc

Prolouge - The "Chaos" Incident

Ten years before Maria's death...

Shadow stares outside. The stars sparkling around the gigantic Space Colony Arc. He looked through the blue planet, that his friend Maria is calling the earth. He wonders what kind of place this is. "Is this planet, earth, really a wonderful place? With..trees, flowers and clear, blue oceans?" Someone called out to him and Shadow blasted out of his daydream. "Hey, Shadow! Could you come over here?" The black hedgehog looked up to the scientist, who waits nearby a great door on the second floor. Shadow rushed to his side. "What is it, Lenauld?", he asked the tall man. The scientist smiles and answered him: "The professor wanted me to show you something." "And what is this something?" Lenauld leads Shadow through the door. They walked long ways until they reach a room. "You know. We are now on the other side of the Arc, Shadow. Here professor Gerald has constructed many experiments, before you ever were builded. One of these experiments exists after all. He was, in some ways, the blueprints of your creation." Shadow looked shocked: "What? The blueprint for my existence?" Lenauld opened the door and entered a room filled with pipes and cylindrical containers made of glass. In the middle part stands a great computer, adjacent to one giant cylinder of glass. An odd liquid louts through the pipes into the containers. It glows in all rainbows colours. Shadow was catched by an sensation unknown to him. "What is this shiny liquid, Lenauld?" "It's fluency chaos-energie." "What? Chaos-energie??" Lenauld smiles and pointed through the cylinder in the middle of the room. "Look there. The creature inside this container was formed by the chaos-energie inside those pipes." Shadow walks through the cylinder and looked through the glass. He saw a fox-like boy, who was coiled up like a ball. His white skin glowed down into deep black. After some time it shined up again and dazzled Shadows eyes. His arms were so thin. Even his body. Shadow saw every bone under the skin that feld apart and wanished inside the rainbow coloured liquid. "Shadow... .", so Lenauld spokes, "This is Deemon." "Deemon?" "Yes. He may be older then you, but as you can see, he has not a full developed body yet. So I would say that you can call him your little brother." "My little brother?" "Yes... . Since the professor has started with the creation of Deemon, he never left the container yet. His body would fell apart in a blink of time. But speaking of moving, he not even has open his eyes once in a while." "What does that means?" Lenauld looked sad to Deemons body inside the cylinder. His voice was drown by a bad omen. That Shadow could feel deep inside his heart. "Deemons heart hasn't died yet... . But since the professor started this experiment, nothing has changed. So professor Gerald thinks that your little brother never awakes out of his slumber... . And even if he would open his eyes. We cannot say if Deemon ever can leave the cylinder... ." "You mean, that he will be inside the container for the rest of his life? But why?" Lenauld pressed a button on the terminal. A paper comes out of the computer. Filled with numbers and calculations. "To come to this form, he now has, Deemon needed over 20 years... . Then his evolution stopped... . He hasn't changed since then. And this was five years before you were made, Shadow." Shadow becomes silent. He stares at the face of Deemon for a while. "So... .", he starts, "This experiment can't be copleted?" "It looks so... ." Lenauld was really depressed about the facts, but the ring of his mobile phone catched his attantion. "Look, Shadow. I need to go back to the professor. He want to see the informations about the experiment." Lenauld takes his leave and the room becomes silent again. Shadow can't took his eyes of the experiment. "Deemon. My brother?" Suddenly the creature opened his eyes. Shadow was mesmerized enchained by the light of his sky-blue eyes. He seems to fall down to the planet called earth. The wind slashed against his face, but it doesn't hurt him at all. Then Shadow came back to sence. The eyes of Deemon were cloesed up tight, like they were before. "Was this my imagination? Or did the experiment has really opened his eyes?" But nothing happened again. The experiment flouts inside the rainbow liquid. Emotionless. Surrounded by silence. Shadow tokes his leave. He looked trough the door, which was about to close. An odd feeling scratched him. A mysterious sence of fear... .

Five years later... .

Red lights filled the corridors. The alert resounds through all metalic walls of the Arc. "Code D Alert! Code D Alert! All people evacuating in Space Colony Arc Part One! Repeat! Code D Alert! Code D Alert!" Peoples running through the halls. Soldiers hold up to their guns with fear in their eyes. Shadow stands near a door. Shoots his power against some liquid, blue creatures, who tried to attack any human passing by.

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